Organizational Change: Perspectives, Strategies, & Performance - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-28
Organizational Change: Perspectives, Strategies, & Performance - Essay Sample
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Organizational change refers to events in an organization that alters the organization's business strategies and significant sections to enhance its performance (Smith, 2011). Organizational change is perceived as a funny thing because everyone in the organization has a different view of the same change. For example, the head of the chief executive officer may see the difference in the form of organization structure, that is, in terms of how rules, duties, and responsibilities are allocated to achieve the organization's goals. A manager in operations may view change in terms of processes used to produce goods and services, while a technology manager will see it in terms of tools and systems (Smith, 2011). At times change is so complicated to the extent that no one in the organization has true end-to-end views.

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Organizational changes are classified into four types, namely; tuning, adapting, reorienting, and recreation. Tuning involves making changes in anticipating future needs in the organization. Some of these changes include; recruiting and training new, organizational structure changes, and growth in technology (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). Adapting involves a change made to respond to external events. For example, when competitors introduce a new product in the market, the organization has to think of ways to compete with them (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). Reorienting involves changing the direction of the organization by anticipating future needs. It consists of redirecting the organization to achieve the goals and objectives, such as changing organization missions and strategy (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). Finally, recreation mainly is leaving old ways of doing things and adopting new methods. Normally, companies have a culture of doing things which, in most cases, is usually as a result of doing things following the founder's footsteps (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015). With the high rate of emerging competitors and technology developing, the organization is forced to adapt new ways of doing things or be out of business. Recreation mainly is leaving old ways of doing things and adopting new methods.

Forces leading to organizational change can be either external or internal. External forces include factors that the organization cannot control (Carter & Phillips, 2015). Such forces include competitive dynamics, economic factors, technological factors, globalization, and legislative. On the other hand, internal factors include forces that can be directly controlled by the organization (Carter & Phillips, 2015). Such factors include management change, intrapreneurship, and organization restructuring.

Organizational change is essential for the survival of a business. Changes help organizations keep up with the dynamics of the market. Also, for competitiveness, companies must keep up with the ever-changing trends, especially technologically. The goal of starting a business is to gain profits. In most cases, to achieve set goals, changes are paramount.


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