Essay Sample on Organic Solidarity and Gesellschaft Social Structure

Published: 2023-01-23
Essay Sample on Organic Solidarity and Gesellschaft Social Structure
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I believe I live a community that is full of individualism and people are more bothered by their personal needs. In other words I am convinced that the social structure of our community is an organic solidarity and Geselllschaft. This structure is where a society focus on social integration which is a result of people appreciating the works of one another. In other words there is specialization and every individual is known for a certain skill. In that case organic solidarity social structure is where the community focuses at labor division. In contrast the Gesellshaft social structure is where the persons of a certain community focus more on personal needs than the community needs. Therefore each of the members of the society is more bothered with their problems and means of satisfying their wants. Often in Gesellschaft structure once the individual needs are handled, the society needs are automatically sorted.

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One of the features of our community structure is that it is dominated by nuclear family. Most of the family units are made up by the father mother and children. Nuclear families concentrate on improving the abilities and skills of each member of the family. On very rare cases you will find extended families living together. They occasionally meet during very crucial family gatherings. For instance during my high school level there were students who never knew their first class cousins. Furthermore there several scenarios of single parent be precise they are single mothers familes. For example I have been raised by mum alongside my two sisters. Our father has never made any efforts to interact with us since they divorced with my mum more than a decade ago.

Another feature is that division of labor is very common in my society. The division of labor is even experienced at a family level (Herzog,2018). Specialization of duties and tasks has been attributed by differences in the skills and abilities posed by various persons. For example there are doctors, chefs, electricians, technicians, plumbers, teachers and lawyers among others. The duties are also differential at the family level where there specific chores performed by women, men as well as children. For example, in my family my mother is the sole bread winner while my sisters and I perform the house chores since we became of age.

Another characteristic is that my community embraces self-development. Individuals are encouraged to often study in order to acquire knowledge as skills in various field. Additionally there are those that focus in talent development so that they can excel in the field of sports and entertainment. It is important to note the community appreciates the talents and development after they have been accomplished. This means it is the individual responsibility to develop oneself without waiting to be pushed by the community or the society.

Capitalism is another dominant feature in my community. Individuals are much interested at developing themselves economically (Cunha et al.,2017). In other words everyone has the obligation to work hard and fight poverty. Moreover there is a tendency where the wealthy people or the well-off families are more respected than others. In other words people want to associate with individuals that have made it in life but not failures. Each individual enjoys his or her wealth with the immediate family and does not mind about other other words every person worries about their personal problems and challenges and works hard towards solving them.

In conclusion my community setup is focused at individualism hence qualifying to be categorized to have organic solidarity and Gesellschaft structure, division of labor, capitalism, specialization and self-interest is very common. Individual goals and needs are prioritized over the community goals. The community appreciates individual efforts and embraces social integration based on community development.


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