Essay Sample on New Interfaces and New Interactions

Published: 2022-12-15
Essay Sample on New Interfaces and New Interactions
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Today, people have moved from traditional interface to more intelligent interface technologies that give natural and more seamless methods of interaction. The new interfaces merge human-centered design methods with technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and computer vision, voice and analytics. Such capabilities and technologies continue to change way people engage with machines, information, and each other. Thus, this paper addresses the use and impact of new interfaces on human interaction and their potential in the future.

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The Natural User Interface (NUI) has helped people to interact with technology through gesture, speech and touch. Interaction means adapting to machines while the computer reaches out by incorporating more of the social setting or the user world. For example Augmented Reality (AR) has primarily helped in real world interaction. AR is a view of the physical and real world usually changes in the environment or movement of the user using elements generated through computer input. It allows the user to communicate information through a graphical interface or negotiates information within a real space through the AR interface. Thus, such interactive technologies have helped to support the manner in which people interact and communicate throughout their lives. Thus, the Natural User Interface such as AR has designed spaces for human to interact, work, and communicate. However, the AR has a natural limitation based on its content because it separates us from the real world. This means that the AR world is unreal. But, with the development of VR, immersive experiences have been created that remove the barrier between the digital world and natural world. Using a VR headset, the brain finds it difficult to determine if the information is unreal.

These new interface systems will evolve in new direction in the future. For example, the technologies will know and anticipate what an individual is doing. These will interaction to probabilistic scenarios from deterministic scenarios. The Virtual Reality (VR) has looked more interesting in recent years and they might render TV absolute in the future. The VR will lead to new and unique human computer interactions. For example, the interfaces will not be based on the tiny screens but based on a new three dimensional world. Besides, in my opinion, the world will finally move from interfaces full of buttons, panels, and menus, and employ more natural interfaces. Thus, the future interfaces will not be based on physical screens; instead they will be based on human senses through the use of VR. This transition will be gradual but it will ultimately take over when it remains relevant in the new VR driven world.

In conclusion, human life is primarily run by the internet of information, and what Natural User Interface (NUI) and Augmented Reality (AR) such as virtual reality have built is an internet of experience and interaction. This means that humans are a shift in Human Computer experience and interaction. Regardless of the massive success seen in AR, it will grow to include much more than is seen today. AR will also not achieve the success on its own, instead its success will revolve around different technologies coming together to achieve reality of seamless experience and cohesiveness between new interfaces and human interaction. Thus, the next decade will be characterized by truly immersive VRs, advanced ARs and sophisticated voice interfaces.

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