Essay Example: Ontario Community Based Settlement Services

Published: 2022-07-29
Essay Example: Ontario Community Based Settlement Services
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Vision: Ontario Community Based Settlement Services is focused at providing vibrant housing services to all the communities living in Ontario province, Canada.

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Mission: The mission of Ontario Community Based Settlement Services is to improve the living standards living families, women and children, youth, and seniors by providing high quality settlement service for social, economic and capacity building.

What Do You Think is Important?

By starting the Ontario Community Based Settlement Services, I have multiple things which are central and ought to be included in the above vision and mission statements. For instance, since the targeted region is highly populated the organization has been formed with the central objective of easing the population pressure through the provision of housing structures particularly to the women, the poor, disabled, and aging civilians. In this context, the physically challenged, women and the aging citizens in Ontario province are to some extent less modernized societies are less valued and, thus, improving their lives will be a one-step to the modernization of the region. Our lives are gauged on our actions and not our possessions especially when we die. Helping those who can help us back is arguably more of a business than acts mercy or charity. By supporting the targeted groups is another way of showing how much we value them. Secondly, it is important to lead by example. In our vision of reaching out to the civilians of Ontario, we will be leading by example and sending an important message to those who want to join us in helping the less fortunate and the refugees from other nations. If one wants to promote action, he or she must be willing to be part of the action and be in the forefront in implementing their vision. My mission of providing settlement services to the citizens of Ontario province will set a practical example for others to offer community-based programs not only to the targeted area but also to other regions in Canada.

What Kinds of Things Do You Want to Do in Life?

My vision for Ontario Community Based Settlement Services is to improve the life of people living in Ontario province through the provision of settlement services alongside other necessary supports. The immigrants, women, children and the aged people in Ontario are always faced with difficult times due to lack of standard housing structure and other basic needs for promoting social and economic well-being. My mission is to attempt to reach out to as many immigrants, women and children as possible. Additionally, I want to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot repay me for the good deeds I do for them. I have a vision that by helping the targeted groups in Ontario province, they will be moved by my social oriented actions and help others. The success of such efforts would go a long way in changing the society and reducing the unevenness of life. My vision is that my actions of providing houses and other settlement structures for disabled, aged, and immigrants living in Ontario province will reach out to other regions of the state with a bigger dream of making a difference in Canada at large. I want to lead by example. Working for and with Ontario Community Based Settlement Services will require my leadership abilities. Irrespective of my involvement with Ontario Community Based Settlement Services I want to be a living example in all aspects of my life. Leading by example will be important in ensuring that the vision of expanding in the charity is backed by people who believe in not only my words but also actions.

What Are The Values That Are Important To You?

I value integrity, generosity, love and caring for the less fortunate. Honesty is essential for my vision in that I believe in doing what is right without any supervision or under minimal supervision. According to my business, what is right is to help those who cannot help themselves without necessarily being reminded or being coerced. My mission of reaching out as many groups in Ontario province as possible will involve working with volunteers. Integrity will also be taught in the employees I intent to operate with. I will put measures that will test the integrity of my employees by, for instance, entrusting them with more responsibilities as a test of the magnitude of their integrity. Promotions and other motivational actions for the employees will be based on the level of integrity of employees. Generosity is giving out services or goods with no expectations of refund or repay. My mission of helping the less fortunate will be guided by the generosity that is an integral value. My kindness will drive my vision of reaching out to a vast population of the less fortunate. It is said that love is the highest virtue of humanity. My vision and mission are propelled by the love I have for the less fortunate especially the aged and women. As the saying goes "blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes," I value caring and giving to the people who are disadvantaged.

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