Odysseus: The Hero Who Overcame Challenges with Courage and Wit - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-12
Odysseus: The Hero Who Overcame Challenges with Courage and Wit - Essay Sample
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The act of heroism is inward courage that makes an individual stand out in remaining strong during times of challenges. Heroes can find it in their way and ability to assist other people whenever they are in need. There is enough evidence showing how Odysseus is a hero. Odysseus is full of curiosity, and his journey proves how he can overcome dangers. He uses his wit and cunningness to help his team members to get out of danger. There are setbacks such as his arrogance that almost ruined his heroism, but he redeems himself by remaining true to the course through his loyalty makes it possible for him to overcome the rough and dangerous expedition. Odysseus is introduced as the man of twist and turns because his story is made up of events that allow him to think quickly hence coming out of danger. Despite the challenges that Odysseus faces during his expedition, he demonstrates his heroic nature.

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Intelligence is the first characteristic of a hero. Odysseus's ability to make quick decisions accompanied by his ability to speak with eloquence made it possible for him and his members to get out of trouble. The best example when Odysseus used his intelligence was when they were trapped in the Cyclops Polyphemos cave. He used eloquence to talk himself out of the trouble. The excellent speaking abilities made it possible for him to convince Polyphemos to offer him and his crew an opportunity to get out of the challenge. Odysseus' speech, as quoted below, is an address full of eloquence. "Cyclops, try some wine. Here's liquor to wash down your scraps of men. Taste it, and see the kind of drink we carried under our planks. I meant it is an offering if you could help us home." (Homer 155). It is evident from his speech that Odysseus was able to play with Clyclop's mind and feelings. He first tries to lure him into drinking wine before calling him "a bloody monster." The speech and Odysseus' offerings pleased Cyclop's, who allowed them to get out of trouble.

Odysseus cunningly outwitted his suitors when he tricked them. Telemakhos and all his workers were instructed by Odysseus to pretend by creating a dummy wedding. Odysseus knew that the deaths of the suitors could cause him trouble, and he, therefore, had to come up with a plan that could favor him. Odysseus plan bore fruits, and he was able to save his crew from being killed. As a hero, Odysseus' actions need to ensure that his team is in a safe environment. He made sure that all his servants remained faithful to him. The decisions made by Odysseus were made after his keen analysis of the available options. He also ensures that he makes use of available opportunities to get out of trouble; hence his people are always safe. The loyalty he has for his family and hometown makes him a hero. His plans and actions were aimed at ensuring that he gets back to his family, where he could meet Ithaka and Penelope. The loyalty he has for his family and crew compelled him to overcome the challenges he went through. Honor and pride are awarded to heroes. A hero is therefore obliged to their family and the people they serve. Odysseus demonstrates that no matter the hard situations, he always remained loyal to his crew and family.

Despite the challenges facing him and his men, Odysseus remained focused on getting his men back home. He always ensures his men remained focused on their journey back home to Ithaka. Odysseus' quotes show how his allegiance to his friends was not questionable. "She at them as they shrieked there, in her den, in the dire grapple, reaching still for me and deathly pity ran through at that sight far the worst I ever suffered, questing the passes of the strange sea." (Homer 218). Losing his men was a terrible time for Odysseus. The feeling of losing his crew was terrible because he was forced into watching his crew killed. The pain he undergoes is unbearable because he could not do anything to save his friends. A hero is known to receive praise and honor for their work. Odysseus is proud and confident of himself. He describes himself as a formidable for guile in peace and war. Odysseus' cunningness and intelligence also create war. The wars favored him and his crew into getting over challenges that were underway.

Homer describes heroes using their feats and strengths. Odysseus is a strong person, and in most of his times, he proves himself a strong person. Athena describes him as a person capable of countering attacks when Odysseus fought Euryalos at the shores of Phaiakians. The Phaiakians were pleased with his abilities, and they all began to glorify him. There were other scenarios when Odysseus used his athletic body to win respect. His strength helped him to be respected in most cases. The homer uses Odysseus lying ability to demonstrate his heroic attributes despite people not pleased with lying. Lying is considered not to be the characteristics of a hero. Homer, however, sees lying as a way that helps Odysseus to overcome challenges. Odysseus' cunning methods is described as an ability to be resourceful. Heroes are characterized by their quest to take up hard tasks that challenge their lives. Odysseus, in his journey, took him more than ten years to be home after the war. The journey back home was full of challenges that could have underwhelmed an average person who lacks determination. There were evil forces that tried in all means to bring down Odysseus. Odysseus, for instance, was related by blood with Poseidon. Poseidon turned against him, putting his ships in problems whenever he tried to sail. There were mythical creatures such as Cyclops who tried to challenge Odysseus. These creatures include Scylla, Charybdis, and Sirens, who tried, by all means, to put Odysseus to tests.


The heroic nature of Odysseus is what made him a hero. There were many challenges in his journey, but he remained true to the course. There were situations that almost denied Odysseus his heroic characteristics. There are situations when it felt that Odysseus was not fulfilling a heroic nature of faithfulness when he demonstrated unfaithfulness to Penelope. "Now, as he spoke the sunset, dusk drew on, and they retired, this pair, to the inner cave, to ravel and rested softly side by side" (Homer 236). These challenges are what almost led to Odysseus' downfall, but through his modesty and mind, he was able to redeem himself into a heroic person.

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