Essay Sample on Object-Oriented Design: A New Way of Thinking

Published: 2023-08-28
Essay Sample on Object-Oriented Design: A New Way of Thinking
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Object-oriented designs cannot be assumed to be the features of supporting a programming language or having an application. It is an ideal and new way of thinking. The object-oriented design has the perception that enterprises are communities and agents known as objects. Each segment or purpose is responsible for an ideal task. An object comes as an encapsulating state and behaviors, which are the data values and operations, respectively. The way objects work is dictated by the rules and algorithms around the class of the object. An object will have the behavior by calling a method regarding a message which is more inclined to work on a procedure. Abstract data types are concepts or extensions of objects and classes by adding the idea behind an inheritance.

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In Object-Oriented Design, it cuts across that the objects define every system. Every data caries attributes that set them, which is the data. Methods execute the objectives, and their functionalities are brought collectively into classes. A class is like an outline of what should be addressed. The class defines the objects and the data. The course is found in a library. It dawned to me that objects are created through the inception of a class copy and helping it become an instance of the class. They are thus making it to become an instance of a class by giving it actual data and exact qualities that make it unique from the general category. Some of the class benefits are that all of them requires to be tested only in a single instance. The good thing is that it can be used several times in the same lines of codes. Classes that are made for a specific project can be reused for future projects. Another significant feature in a category is addressed by modifying and then propagated down to the reliant subjects.

I came to understand that Java comparable interfaces are used to call onto objects of the user-defined classes. The interface is sourced from Java.lang package and has a single method named compareTo(Object). This comes to give a unique sequence of sorting. For instance, one can sort the elements they need on the idea of an individual data member only. A command such as public int compareTo(Object obj) can be manipulated to have a comparison of the available object with the target object. The result is a positive integer by any chance the said object is larger than the target object. Secondly, there could be a chance of getting a negative integer in an instance where the said object is less than the target object, and finally, there could be a chance of getting a zero whenever the objects are equal.

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It was amazing and full of learning in the Lab. It was an insight to understand that I can only learn the programming language on practice. The theoretical understanding of the language makes it easy to explain to people but to have the skill one ought to do exercise, not ones twice but as often as possible. Being a little conversant with the programming language, I took my time to comprehend what I was asked to pursue. I took four hours to complete my lab project. Syntax errors were some of the challenges that I encountered, and I appreciate they made me get to understand the Language even to a more profound sense. I was struggling with choosing the ideal IDE for the programming language, but as soon as I was able to come up with the suitable one, I was up to the task.

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