Nurturing Hope: Literary Inspirations Amidst the Pandemic - A Free Essay

Published: 2024-01-30
Nurturing Hope: Literary Inspirations Amidst the Pandemic - A Free Essay
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Many people in the world started in 2020 with the hopes of having good days. Many had created resolutions that they wanted to achieve by the end of the year. Everything was going fine as the year moved on. However, there came unprecedented times that have been foreseen with the rise and the spread of COVID-19. COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that has disrupted the normal human lives people used to have. The rise of the pandemic led to the development of measures to reduce its spread. Many countries locked down their borders from foreign visitors for fear that they may bring the disease with them. Other countries went for a total lockdown whereby human movement was completely restricted. During this period, many people have been forced to stay indoors. As a result of the boredom that comes with being locked down, many people looked for a way that they could make themselves happy. One way people choose is to read various literary works to motivate and inspire them through difficult times. Therefore, during the Coronavirus situation, I found three works to bring the greatest motivation and inspiration during these difficult times.

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One of the literary works that was a source of motivation and inspiration was "Prayer" by Jorie Graham. This work was a great source of inspiration and motivation because as the poem begins, it shows an impression of a school of minnows swimming below the dock where the narrator is standing. In this case, the narrator imagines the minnows' motions as they swim back and forth, creating a current in the water. The narrator describes that they move with this pattern as it is the water that they live in. This poem offered a great inspiration because it helps to understand that life comes on with many challenges, such as the current COVID-19 situation. In this case, we have to accept and live with the current situation while finding a way out.

The second literary works that became a great source of motivation and inspiration were "Easter Wings," by George Herbert. This work talks about the good things that the Lord has offered to human beings. However, many humans, through their foolishness, have lost these favors. However, the Lord can help us ensure that we become victorious through the conditions we are facing. In this case, if we believe in God, even while going through the pandemic, we will come out victorious.

"Happiness," by Jane Kenyon, is the third literary work that offered great inspiration during the COVID-19 situation. The artistic work helped me to understand the aspect of happiness. Currently, it is evident that the Coronavirus situation has taken away the happiness of many people. However, as the literary works say, "Happiness is like a prodigal son that appears after squandering a fortune away." Furthermore, the poem says that when happiness comes, it comes to anyone. This poem offered a great inspiration because it helped me learn that even though the current times are difficult, eventually happiness comes, and when it comes, every feels it. In this case, the happiness that may be experienced is developing a vaccine to help contain the spread of the disease, thus allowing people to resume their normal lives.

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