Unmotivated Students - Essay Sample about Teaching

Published: 2022-05-26
Unmotivated Students - Essay Sample about Teaching
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A teacher can use the five questions as guidelines in tailoring the lesson plan or curriculum in the interest of the student by putting the student's immediate needs first. Through and by using the questions, the teacher has a more open opportunity to apply and use various strategies to lift up unmotivated students. Efforts from only one party are doomed to fail as working with any student is not just an elaborate affair, but also a psychologically involving exercise (Lay 2017). For example, the teacher can use the questions to connect with the student at a personal level without appearing dominating or intimidating.

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At the beginning of every lesson, a teacher can use the five questions as a foundation of the lesson, linking the teaching to the questions. In this way, the students will find it easy accommodating the lesson and teaching to the teacher's inspiration. Besides imparting knowledge to students, motivation and working with unmotivated students is the most challenging thing in the classroom (Peterson & Knorr 2016). The five questions provided offer an excellent opportunity in the classroom to enable the teacher to improve unmotivated student's interest especially in areas the student is weak and have little interest. On the other hand, a teacher needs to go beyond imparting knowledge to creating and maintaining interest in a student by, for example, using the five questions to arouse passion and an inner desire on the same. Similarly, the teacher can use the five questions before beginning a lesson to help the unmotivated student stay alert and start learning on a positive note.

One of the best strategies and means of applying the questions is by connecting the questions to real life experience or professional event thus arousing the student's interest in the particular field. Stimulating the student's passion by use of the five questions has the impact of easing the students focus on any challenging concept in the classroom. According to Wang et al., (2016) it all entails inspiration, churning out the student's intrinsic values and convincing the student to look deep down inside themselves and discover the untapped potential. The teacher can thus apply and connect the students with the teaching by establishing a direct connection with the five questions for example through elaboration and explanation.


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