Free Essay on Professional Education in Educational Organizations and in the Corporate World

Published: 2017-12-07
Free Essay on Professional Education in Educational Organizations and in the Corporate World
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According to Walton and Steinert (2010), another issue with the hypothesis of human capital lies in the dynamic conformities that enterprises and work markets make in light of emerging aptitude requests. At the point when another innovation is presented, in any event, some new aptitudes are ordinarily required. Take the instance of the Internet. At the point when the Web made its introduction, organizations that needed to fabricate Web locales needed to discover individuals who knew how to program in Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML), or they needed to urge workers to build up those abilities. I know of no study reporting managers financed the amount of that expertise in development. In any case, in the good old days, it was not clear that the Web would add up to anything like the omnipresent asset it is today. In this way, it is protected to expect that most laborers would have demanded that companies share the cost of HTML preparing so they would not need to hold up under all the monetary dangers of taking in expertise that may have a minimal positive effect on their professions. (p. 556)

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Today, interestingly, a nearness on the Web is important for doing business. The interest for HTML software engineers is numerous requests of greatness more prominent than it was the point at which the Web was propelled. It has made a sufficiently vast minimum amount of openings for work that junior colleges and specialized schools the nation over offer courses in Web outline. Companies can now require such mastery before procuring somebody, and this represents a move of the budgetary weight for securing the abilities onto the worker. It is a case of an exceptionally concentrated ability, the obtaining of which once was financed by organizations yet is presently financed by workers. According to Schofield et al. (2010), Becker's (1964) model may in this manner be a decent indicator of general examples of aptitude procurement financing, however it is not really all sufficiently inclusive to be considered a law. (p. 56)

From what has been explored already, it is evident that the topic of corporate education in the United Kingdom is already so much explored by various researchers in the field. However, they fail to identify the required areas of the impact of the implementing such a development in the finance area. There is a study on the general implementation of corporate education, but the actual implementation in the field of finance is limited. The educational approach used in professional education, whether in the educational organizations or the corporate organizations, has not been entirely explored. This literature gap calls for research in the field to fill up the gap. This research is motivated by the lack of enough information explaining the impact of the approach of education that has been used. By so doing, the research will be filling in the literature gap and possibly creating a base that future researchers will use as they discuss the topic of professional education both in educational organizations and in the corporate world. It is evident that by explaining these concepts, the paper will make it possible to understand the basic concept of corporate education and the factors that determine its success.

Conceptual Framework

Organizational Culture

Research Methodology

Research Type

This research was a descriptive research since it explains a concept that has clearly defined in the previous research papers. Professional education is a field in which little research has been done up to now. Even in the little research done, the concept has not been explained clearly, but rather in a generalized sense. Regarding the impacts that the implementation of the concept has in the production industry, there is almost not information regarding the approach effects. Because of this insufficiency of information, this research will describe the concept of encouraging learning of finance professionals and its effects, in a move to provide a clearer insight into the concept.

Research Design

The research design to be used in this paper is a case study as the primary design because we are trying to figure out how leaders encourage and communicate about learning in their organizations within the confinements of organizational culture. The generality will be limited, and the study will be qualitative.

Therefore, this research is based on a qualitative research design. A qualitative research approach can be defined as the systematic, formal and objective process to describe and test the relationship between variables and examine their causes, effects, and the interaction among specific variables considered in the research. This research design is the most suitable for this research since is a descriptive research that will be analyzing a concept and its impact on the field of its application. First of all, the variables that are being considered in this research are the learning of finance professionals and the impacts on the impact of the educational approach to the effectiveness of the system.

This research paper attempt to check the interrelation that exists between the variable that are being considered in this scenario. It will examine the causes of the effects that arises from implementing this venture in the corporate and educational context, in which the specific aspects of professional learning have helped to redesign companies to regain profitability and direct connection with the field. After examining this causes and the approaches to the corporate world, the research explains the possible implications to the legal setting, basically the concept of copyright.

Data Collection Method

The primary data collection method for this research was research in the online academic libraries. Articles and books about the topic being considered were obtained from online sources that are known for providing reliable academic data. This method was seen as the most effective because in the first place the concept of corporate education has little information about it, and very few people know about it. It will be inappropriate and uneconomical to carry out research in the physical world, yet very many people do not know about it, and the possibility of finding a suitable respondent will be very low.

The online system is a big storage of information in all fields, and professional learning is no different. The available information on the topic has been uploaded online by the authors to make the topic less complicated to understand.

JOSTOR is the first online consulted for this research. This online library was used to obtain online scholarly journals on the topic. It provided a collection of articles from previous scholars that acted as the basis of the research. Secondly, Punjab digital library was consulted for the project. It provided previously done research on the topic, mostly with according to the world’s fastest-growing economies like China and India, and their response to the adoption of the technology. The third online library consulted is the EBSCOhost online research database, which consists of a wide range of previous research on professional learning and the approaches used in professional training. The specific search phrases used in the research are executive education, executive learning, work-based learning, learning culture, professional development, higher education and professional development.

Just in case the primary data collection would have failed, the alternative data collection method for the research was to visit the respective companies that carry out professional education, or institution of higher education and interview them on the topic. Additionally, other techniques like observation and surveys on the topic would be used. Also, the research would have involved studying the market to identify the trend in the reception of public, governments, learning institutions and the young professionals on the concept.

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