Nursing Personal Statement Essay Sample

Published: 2018-01-27
Nursing Personal Statement Essay Sample
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Thesis: Choosing a career in nursing and deciding to pursue my degree at Excelsior College is a result of various issues I encountered in my community.

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Personal statement for nursing school

As a child, I always had the dream to serve the society in a way, and I found that being a nurse would help me get life satisfaction and achieve my dream of making my community better.

By serving the sick and improving their health was the best thing I could do.

I have identified women and teenagers as a group of people who do not get the required health care services, especially in the public sector.

These reasons have made me consider pursuing a degree in nursing Excelsior College and open a health care facility.

Reasons to pursue a nursing degree:

My long-term goal is to work towards getting a registered nurse degree in the health care and establish a health care facility to deal with women and teenagers health-care issues.

I can only achieve this by having a degree in nursing and getting registered nurse after passing my state boards exam.

Education is the greatest proactive step a nurse can adopt as he or she endeavors to prevent acute illness among patient.

It is important to understand various issues related to the nursing practitioners such as accurate and honest patient communication, better patient perception, compliance, and trust in the process of treatment.

As nursing is a primary care setting it can only be only realized through critical thinking and thorough assessment of communication, education, and holistic care.


These are some of the learning goals I have while pursuing a degree registered nurse in the health care at Excelsior College. As a degree graduate, I will be able to holistically analyze women and teenagers health care issues and help improve the overall community health.

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