Essay on Nursing Journey: Challenges, Growth, and Compassionate Care in Clinical Experiences

Published: 2023-11-09
Essay on Nursing Journey: Challenges, Growth, and Compassionate Care in Clinical Experiences
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Nursing is the art of taking care of patients who seek assistance; their roles may range from a variety of skills. Nursing has offered us practical skills and awareness of various ways to take care of patients. Airway suctioning is one of the regular skills that we have to encounter as an expert intervention, which is used for patients with respiratory issues. Airway suctioning is a critical element in airway management among patients on mechanical ventilation; this is typically performed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). As nurses, we need to be aware that the primary goal is to eliminate the several secretions of the lungs that have accumulated over time to sustain the permeability of enough oxygen, prevent atelectasis, and minimize the risk of VAP (Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia). Therefore, nurses need to possess the needed skills and knowledge regarding the current scientific evidence and become competent to guarantee a patient's safety. I further noted that endotracheal suctioning has to be conducted following the outlined standards and codes to minimize any complications.

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It is necessary that when one decides to become a nurse, there is a need to be confident with your job and how to appropriately handle and communicate with patients since they rely on our services. We have to be extra confident that what we have learned in school has effectively equipped us and got us ready for the job ahead as nurses. I have learned that nursing is all about being positive, independent, optimistic, and enthusiastic, as well as remaining assertive about what we do as emotionally mature.

Affective & Transitioning Experiences (4 points)

How did you feel about the experiences you encountered in clinical? (1 pt.)

I realized that an attitude is actually essential since it can either break or make an individual's personal experience. My clinical preceptorship experience was unique, and I tend to feel that there are several lessons to gain from it. My medical-surgical clinical took place later in the month. I was wondering how I could possibly recall the critical skills to learn to be competent. What if I could not remember the essential skills? I had been in our St. Mary and Elizabeth Medical center for most of my other clinical experience.

What were your strengths in performance and areas needing growth? (1 pt.)

I found my strength to be confident because of my preceptor; she made me know how to work towards covering her patient load efficiently. I would effectively memories my dosage calculations and every one of my medication facts. However, I had a weakness in doing a full medical assessment of some patients.

How do you feel you are transitioning to the role of a professional nurse? (1 pt.)

As a professional nurse, the transitioning has been active, thanks to my preceptor, a nurse who had over 20 years of experience as she has been guiding through every duty. For instance, as the days went by, she allowed me to handle more tasks such as learning ventilator settings, thus facilitating my transition to professionalism.

What is helping or hindering your transition? (1 pt.)

It has not been an easy task as I have had to undergo some of the hindrances such as difficulty in adjusting to every floor of the hospital since each has its own rhythm, and pace, and thus I’m always obliged to be part of the flow.

Critical Thinking Synthesis (4 points)

The clinical situation that you encountered in clinical. In your own words, briefly describe the situation. (1 pt.)

Breaking bad news: Communicating news about worsening illness

During my clinical, I had to encounter a situation in which I was actively involved in communicating the level of worsening of the cancer patient. Since she was a child I felt so emotionally attached and had challenges in telling about the worsening of the condition.

What was your top priority in this situation? Why? (2 pts.)

I first had to contact the closest relative that she was close to. This is because the close relative would know her reaction to the situation and even be able to comfort the patient.

What was the takeaway learning lesson you gained from the situation? (This could be anything related to physical or psychosocial skills.) (1 pt.)

I learned to be professional and empathize with the patient without letting them know or compromising my execution of duties. Additionally, I realized that patients and their families have to be fully informed about their conditions, clinical prognosis, and treatment procedures.

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