Human Nutrition Paper Sample

Published: 2022-07-18
Human Nutrition Paper Sample
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Study strategies to help perform in the course

Human nutrition coursework is taught by the use of various tools to enhance a student's ability in the classroom. Teachers use practical, tutorials, workshops, journals, feedback and online discussion forums to help in the achievement of the learner's results in this coursework. Some of the study strategies that help perform in this course include; making use of the current technology to enhance students knowledge of nutrition and general experience.; this done by using online communities created by teachers to enable them to learn.

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Teachers involve themselves in voice over's and videos that help in preparing students for laboratory assessments. The course makes good use of communication tools such as desktops, chats and discussion boards to support students teaching (Bijlsma et al., 2006). Each student has to create revision materials such as multiple choice questions. There work assessed before submitting for marking. Screen capture software is used to provide feedback to students and help them offer presentation clips.

Vitamin, water, and mineral

Vitamins are organic substances made from plants and animals. An organism needs small portions of these to function correctly in its metabolism (Hercberg, 2004). Different microorganisms need different requirements, for example; while dogs can produce enough vitamin C for their own needs, human beings cannot, yet need to consume a lot of it, alongside ascorbic acid. Minerals are inorganic elements coming from water and soil and eaten by animals or absorbed by plants (Osuagwu, 2010). They are formed naturally by geological processes. They are usually made of a compound or a single chemical element. Some of the uses of minerals are; graphite to make pencils and rock salt for cooking.

Water is the odorless, tasteless, nearly colorless and transparent chemical substance that is constituent of the earth's oceans, lakes, and streams and most living organism's fluid. From a biological perspective, water carries out the role of allowing replication by helping organic compounds react in various ways. It also helps in plants photosynthesis and neutralization of acidic-basic reactions and enzyme functions.


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