Performance Appraisal in Nursing Home - Essay Example

Published: 2018-01-09 20:42:56
Performance Appraisal in Nursing Home - Essay Example
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Performance Appraisal

According to Bernardin and Wiatrowski (2013), a performance appraisal is a regular and systematic process that assesses the productivity or the performance of an employee. The assessment bases on the productivity of an individual about certain objectives or pre-established criteria. Other aspects of an employee such as the behavior of the individual as well as the potentiality of future development, strength and weaknesses are also considered while conducting a performance appraisal. The paper will involve a detail explanation a performance evaluation carried out in Hebrew Home nursing home located in Greater Washington in MD. The article also describes a meeting with a nurse in an attempt of examining the organizational goals, vision, and mission.

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Nursing home's mission statements


The mission of the nursing home is to provide quality care that always respects the Jewish values especially those that are in high need since we welcome all the members of the entire community. The vision of the nursing home is to provide quality care to the community in respect to their religious values. The goal of the nursing home has been that of being the best non-profit organization that offer the best nursing care. About the organizational goal the nursing home conducts a performance appraisal that helps in aligning the employees of the organization with the mission, vision as well as the goals.

The Process

The process of evaluation is involved the establishment the standards of performance which are being the best non-profit organization providing the best nursing care to the community. The employees were asked to note on the rules of the organization where each was required to work hard in an attempt of meeting at least three homesteads in a day. After a period of six months, the management accessed the actual performance of the employees by counting the number of homes visited. The management then compared the actual performance of the employees with the set standards. There was a situation of underperformance as on average more than 50% of the employees met two homesteads on a daily basis. The results passed to the employees where each was required to work harder to achieve the organizational goal. The management offered to train all the workers to be in a position to manage time efficiently as well as offer quality services (Bernardin and Wiatrowski, 2013).

Nursing Home Planning

The meeting with the nurse of the nursing home aimed at exploring the plans the organization has on meeting their goals. The nurse explained that the group is planning to offer training to all its employees especially on matters related to time management and provision of quality services. During the process of performance appraisal, the management noted that in the quest to offer quality services the employees used to spend a lot of time with the only patients. There was thus a need for training to the employees in an attempt of meeting the organizational goals.


A performance appraisal helps managers of an organization to access the performance of the employees as well as assess whether the firm is operating in line with its mission. The aim of the Hebrew Home is to provide a quality nursing home to the community as well as maintain their religious values. The performance appraisal demanded the managers offer training to the employees in an attempt of meeting its organizational goals.


Bernardin, H. J., & Wiatrowski, M. (2013). Performance appraisal. Psychology and Policing, 257.

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