Noches, Noches - Essay Sample with the Song Analysis

Published: 2022-05-09
Noches, Noches - Essay Sample with the Song Analysis
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"Noches, Noches" (from the Album titled Ladino Songs of Love and Suffering)

Noches, Noches is one of the songs from the Ladino songs of love and Suffering that talks about a lady who has visited her boyfriend but still is worried about whether she is doing the right thing or not. This paper seeks to establish the FACTS" on this song. The paper will be discussing the Song title, composer name country and dates, composition date, recording date and label, performers names and dates and their instruments, length of song, song genre, general sound of the music, among other traits and conduct an analysis and description in your indicating the social importance of this song as relates to Ladino culture and history in Spain, Latin America, and globally, Instrumentation used and their relationship to regional traditions (comparing Spain and Latin America) and did an academic and personal reaction to the song giving the mood of the song.

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Noches, Noches is a Spanish name which can be translated as Nights Nights. The song surname initially is Noches Noches Buenas Noches, which therefore renders to Nights, Nights, Good Nights. This song, one of the songs from the Ladino songs of love and suffering, was composed by Flory Jagoda was also known as Flora Kabilo a Jewish born American songwriter, singer and a guitarist. The song was written and recorded in the year 1942 by Naxos records. The song lasts for 05:01 minutes. The loving son is captivating when performed with a soprano and unusual timber instruments.

This song was performed by Flora Jagoda who played the bass guitar, Yasmin Levy who also played the piano and the flute. Berry Sakharof was also a guitarist popularly using his electric guitar to produce different sounds.

The song Noches Noches is a love song that talks about a person, probably a lady who is almost about to sleep but she is far away from home. She first is enjoying the experience and is tossing in the bed like a fish from the sea, but voices were communicating with her. She calls them the three sisters from the sea. The first encourages her to enjoy her youth. This gives her a feeling of contentment even as she is at the place. The second takes her imagination far to begin seeing her married to the guy, and she intends to "enjoy our wedding". However, the third is a worrying voice that asks her what she will tell the mother. She does not even know how he wants to leave her in the first place.

How the Song depicts Latin and Spanish Culture

This song depicts the Latin culture especially when it comes to marriage. One is allowed to make their own choices like the persona has made but then a senior, in this case, the mother, has to keep a close watch to the two to ensure that the choice is the appropriate one. The song is also in line with the Spanish culture where the grooms' mother is the one who is allowed to accompany the bride down the aisle. This is why the persona in the poem is worried about the mother and what she will tell her. The Spanish culture is also shown by the worry in the person because it is expected of her have kept her appearance only until marriage (Wattley-Ames, 56) and this makes her worried because she has not done so.

The mood of the Song

The song is in two folds. It begins when the mood is a happy one, and the narrator is tossing like a fish in the sea. However, it comes to an end in a worrying mood as she is worried about what it is that she will tell the mother and exactly how would she leave the mother.

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