No Exit - Movie Analysis Essay

Published: 2023-12-31
No Exit - Movie Analysis Essay
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No Exit is considered by many a riveting film mainly because of how the main three characters drop their connections to the world and then face the actions they did on earth in hell. The film is very captivating as it grabs the viewer's attention from the beginning to the end as the author dramatizes the philosophy of many people, the act was the best play that Jean-Paul Satre wrote. He can bring out the philosophy of existentialism, and he did this by leaving out mirrors in a white room with three strangers and argues that the three are a reflection of one another's dark secrets. For instance, Estelle is unable to check her reflection due to the lack of mirrors in the room and acts as if here existence s dependent on the ability to see herself. She is uncomfortable seeing herself in Inez's eye after she offered to be the mirror to Estelle. He uses symbolism throughout the play, which explains the philosophy without even translating it into words.

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The author is able to explain the philosophy by showing that people have the desire to be seen in a certain way, and they often fail to make peace with how the world views them. The author's delivery of the concept of existentialism philosophy was astonishing since he explained the concept so clearly without using actual words but symbols. I did not notice how the one hour and 30 minutes elapsed since I was so engrossed in the play as it caught all my attention.

Sartre is the writer behind the great film No Exit, released in 1962 as the whole film was released based on his work. He was a French novelist, literary critic, playwright, philosopher, and biographer. He is considered one of the key persons in the philosophy of phenomenology and existentialism, which is the concept he applied in No Exit. His work is used up to date in areas such as literary studies and sociology. The film was directed by Tad Danielewesk and was produced by Fernando Ayala Olivera. Other popular films produced by Olivera include The Night of the Pencils and Cocaine Wars in 1986 and 1985. Some of Tad's plays include Guide and The Big Wave in 1965 and 1965, respectively. They have both produced and directed films that were highly rated and also popular.

Among the three damned souls, Alec Guinness, who plays as Garcin, seems to be the best at coping with the damnation. He ended up in hell after a firing squad shot him. The other main character is Beatrix Lehmann Inez, who is the most hostile and is in hell because her lover killed her. Donald Pleasence, who plays as Estelle, is another character who went to hell after she murdered her child by drowning the child in the sea. She is the most frightened among the three and believes that she does not belong in hell.

They are all in hell for the sins they committed and are forced to face each other while in the room. At first, Garcin hates Inez since she understands his weakness and prefers Estelle because he feels as if she treats him like a man. Inez says that she hates men, and she goes ahead and tries to seduce Estelle (Sartre). He is finally able to be at peace with what he did as he accepts his damnation. After he was offered a chance to leave, he chooses to stay so that he can convince Inez that he is not a coward like she thought.

Good acting can be considered that which involves clarity of speech, a well-developed imagination, vocal projection, and gives the viewer the ability to interpret drama. No exit play was acted so well, mainly because the actors fit in their roles so well. Having read the book, one would have an imagination of how the play would be. From the play, we are able to see the meaning of the philosophy of existentialism without any definition of the concept. For instance, Garcin decides to stay behind in hell just so that he can prove to Inez that he is not a coward as she thought. This shows that people care so much about how others see them and not how they see themselves. Both Garcin and Estelle fail to admit their sins at first, and Inez urges them to stop lying to themselves and own up to their actions since she believes that there was no way they ended up in the room by accident.

The play is also able to give a well-developed imagination of hell. Unlike how most plays portray hell with fire and the physical torture of people, No Exit play shows hell as a place where people are emotionally and psychologically harassed. The characters are tortured by what they had done in their lifetime, and at first, we see that they are all in denial of what they had done. The play shows futility whereby a person cannot kill another since they are in hell, and therefore they have to live together no matter how they hate each other. For instance, Estelle tries to kill Inez, forgetting that she cannot die since she is already dead. Also, the characters' inability to have their privacy since they have to live with one another is a form of torture that gives a person an imagination of how hell can be. There is also a dark theme that shows how frightening hell can be.

The choice of music played in the background does not fit the play. This would have been made better by introducing more suspense music to the play. Music in plays is very important since it can communicate well the emotion of the characters and sets the mood of the different scenes. It also gives the audience suspense making the play more interesting. However, the music in the play was not so good, and I feel like they would have done better by choosing music that fits all the drama in the play.

The movie ends in a lot of suspense as the play ends in laughter, where all the characters are laughing, and it seems to be fading away. They have all admitted to their mistakes. The laughter is not associated with something funny since there is nothing funny about being in hell, which leaves the audience with questions as to why the characters are laughing. It seems absurd that they would be laughing, and this is one of the major concepts of the play whereby the writer tries to show throughout the play that one can either try to deal with absurdity or escape into bad faith.

Garcin is unable to leave the room mainly because of bad faith since he ignores his freedom and responsibility so that he can prove to Inez that he is a better man. He, therefore, lets Inez make the decision for him. The movie has a lot of plot twists and gives a well-developed imagination, and it also gives the audience the ability to interpret all the drama. If I were to rate the play out of ten, I would give it a nine. It is, therefore, a very interesting play to watch.

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