Nike Free Run Shoe - Marketing Essay Example

Published: 2019-11-20
Nike Free Run Shoe - Marketing Essay Example
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Nike Free Run is a shoe company that has got several goals and objectives to fulfill. They tend to expand the brand of Nike and move to different areas. They make it their obligation to market lighter running shoes so that they can expand the sports fraternity and cover all the athletes together with all other people. It is their goal to reach various demographics in different countries while they make low budgets. They aim at bringing inspiration and innovation to the athlete all over the world (Callahan, 2016). Nike free was started from the University of Oregon track team. It is one of the biggest endorsement companies of its kind with a high profile towards the athletes. It has a market projection sales that amount to $ 36,000,000. The company was ranked # 24 brand in the world as Nike employed a market strategy that was unique. The marketing strategy was referred to as the overrun.

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The main marketing strategy of Nike Free is focusing on the commercials which will enable promotion of shoes, evaluation of what the customer wants or need, unique design and features of the shoes and the controlled metrics (Callahan, 2016). Metrics market their customers through two channels which are the direct customers and the wholesale distribution. They have independent distributors and over 170 licenses country wide. It has been partnering with major athletic retailers like the footlocker and Dicks Sporting Goods.

Case profile for Nike started in 1972 whereby the primary focus was the design of the shoes, produce and sell. In the year 2006, the direction changed, and Nike was now popular for domestic and international markets (Shapiro, 2016). It saw fit to focus on creating the womens division, and it went ahead with signing in some endorsements with the female athletes. The research was able to increase product line, diversification and also the market target. Competition, threats, fashion trends and consumer lifestyles changed, and so did the marketing strategy.

There were too many stars endorsement and manufacturing contracts spreading the portfolios of the products. The target market was limited as well as the retailers. The competition was up, and the Company had to figure out what they would do so that their category-driven approach would be successful. They had first to slow down on the economy and start to estimate the marketing of womens fitness (Callahan, 2016). Women had begun to demand shoes that have style and fashion hence giving Nikes competitor, Adidas and Rebook a fight over substitutes.

Different sports shoe defined different category, dressing and the needs of the customers. Basket shoes demanded performance unlike the casual shoes and therefore there were the strong brand identification and product differentiation which was as a result of competition to the emerging and rising companies (Shapiro, 2016). The company had to bring something that would make them stand out as the rivalry companies Adidas and the others worked hard to increase the range of products and capture more of the market.

Nike came up with a marketing strategy that would impose the brand image and the company loyalty. They narrowed down to advertising the mission of the company while associating with athletics (Callahan, 2016). It is when they came up with a mission that indicated they wanted to come up with changes to every athlete. Nike products undergo a serious test which covers the variety testing surfaces with all the fields included all the regular basketball, hardwood, outdoor testing and all the terrains.

They also consider the product while taking into account age, skill level, gender, and the geography. The products are user-friendly therefore making them outstand the others in the market competition (Callahan, 2016). The company strategizes its marketing whereby it looks forward into building robust and sustainable efficiencies and future growth, align with contract manufacturing, streamline their supply chain to focus on large groups and contracts and lastly to partner with manufacturers that are loyal and committed to the company.


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