Event Management Essay Example

Published: 2019-10-21
Event Management Essay Example
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The Likely Characteristic of the Buyer

A buyer refers to any firm which organises and pays for the event. It includes the membership associations and other organisations. In this case, the customers include parties that will host the 120 delegates. They include corporate businesses, professional associations, academic organisations, and public sectors. The buyers will be categorised into corporate customers. They include organisations that mainly aim at generating profits and range from these delegates. Examples of those who will be part of the buyers are the incentive travel events buyers such as the information technology firms, automotive organisations, and the financial service sectors (Davidson & Cope, 2003). The end consumers also represent the purchasers of the incentive travel conferences. Besides, the exhibition events have buyers which include organisations that organise and host the events. Such organisations pay for the suppliers of what are required by the delegates. Furthermore, in the MICE event, the intermediary institutions will also form part of the buyers. The demand of the delegates will be faced with several issues which include the currency exchange rates, the cost of living, historical or cultural links and also the degree of political instability in the host country.

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The primary characteristic of the organisers of the event will be that they initiate and pay for the event. They also have the responsibility of investigating a credible venue that the 120 delegates will hold their event. Furthermore, the organisers have an understanding of the local and foreign language to facilitate the smooth running of the conference. What is more, they are most likely to be characterised by the management of the new booking system expertise.

The possible Characteristic of the Delegates

The presence of the 120 delegates is necessary since it improves the local economy. The most significant characteristic of the delegates is the ability to promote the particular place where they are having their conference. They will pay for the venue and also support the services that are being offered by the community and thus promote the surrounding community. The delegates are also expected to gain income from being members of the 120 delegates that attend conferences. Furthermore, the representatives are supposed to be consultative in nature and therefore, are supposed to consult widely regarding the management of the new booking system. Another characteristic of the delegate is the ability to have good working relations (Rogers, 2008). They should familiarise themselves with the conference's venue and work in good relationship with the locals and members from other organisations.

The Additional Suppliers that may be required

Apart from the computers that will be used by the delegates, more suppliers are necessary during the conference. The delegates will be given accommodation. They will utilise both ordinary hotels and the 5-star hotel. Therefore, they are expected to occupy around 120 fully equipped hotel rooms. Moreover, hotel bookings will tale place before the arrival of the delegates. Also, transportation will be available for the delegates who will be commuting from their respective hotels to the venue of the conference (Shone & Parry, 2010). Besides, the delegates will be supplied with quality food, soft and hot drinks and mineral drinking water. Food and drinks will be necessary for promoting team building among the delegates by encouraging interactions and sharing of experiences during eating. Besides, it will make the conference at the memorable event.

The Most Appropriate Intermediary assisting in the Organization of the Event

The most significant intermediary that will help the organisation of the event is the venue finding an agency. It is an important intermediary since they promote the organisation of the place. While organising at the venue, the venue finding agencies will assist in the location of the most appropriate venue. Since the venue finding agency is specialised in the finding of venues, it will facilitate for faster finding of suitable site that has all the requirements of the delegates (Ogden & McCorriston, 2007). Furthermore, the venue finding agency are well known, and when they publish the request of the venue, they can get a faster response. Additionally, they also know the sites that will act as a conference hall, accommodation places, and recreation facilities since the delegates will require such facilities during the breaks and free time. Venue finding agencies may also deposit their money to book for venues which they can be paid later, and this shows the significance in the organisation of the event.

A Suitable Venue for the Event

An appropriate venue for the event is a 5-star hotel. It is the best venue for the many delegates who will be attending the conference. The hotel is suitable because it has conference halls. Furthermore, the hotel will provide for the accommodation to the delegates and thus will not be necessarily required to travel to various places to look for accommodations. Besides, the hotel will be appropriate because it is strategically located in the market. Therefore, the physical location of the hotel is necessary for transportation of the delegates and the requirements of the conference. Hence, coordination of the delegates' activities will be very efficient.


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