Free Essay Sample: Neuropsychology Case Study

Published: 2023-11-19
Free Essay Sample: Neuropsychology Case Study
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Ms D, an 84-year-old lady, sometimes gets lost when coming from the grocery store alone. She has to ask for the assistance of her husband to get back home. When doing shopping, she occasionally forgets to carry her shopping list, which makes her forget the items she intended to purchase. Mr D says that even when they speak, she repeats herself by asking the same set of questions. It is for the above reasons that Mr D thought it necessary to bring Ms D to the hospital. Neuropsychologists are expected to conduct investigations to determine the extent of the problem to the brain function and behaviours.

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Ethical Issues

There are ethical issues that might be present, and a neuropsychologist should consider. Determination of these issues helps in the handling of the case successfully. It provides an opportunity to examine the morality of the issues and circumstances involved.

Ms. should be assured of the confidentiality of the process. She should be sure that the information she shares with her husband will not be used against her as a source of ridicule by other community members (Hartlage & Horton Jr, 2010). Assuring her of confidentiality will help her open up and accept the treatment plan for her condition. Failure to guarantee confidentiality will only make her withdraw and uncooperative to the treatment plan.

Competency is an ethical issue that the Neuropsychologist should consider. Ms D and her husband should be assured that they are dealing with a competent professional (Hartlage & Horton Jr, 2010). The Neuropsychologist should be sure of his ability to handle the case to the end with utmost professionalism (Hartlage & Horton Jr, 2010).

Legal Issues

Practising Neuropsychologist should consider forensic and legal issues that might be present. The Neuropsychologist might determine that Ms D. is suffering from a condition that will progress to the point where she is unable to care for herself.

The mental assessment report and the authenticity of the report and data is a critical process that the Neuropsychologist ought to consider for forensic purposes (Sweet, 2009). In situations where Ms D is unable to take care of herself, forensic data will be necessary for her defence in a court of law if the issues escalate to that level (Sweet, 2009).

The insanity defence is a legal issue that ought to be considered by a neuropsychologist. Suppose Ms D is suffering from a condition that she might be unable to care for herself. In that case, the Neuropsychologist should conduct regular reviews and store crucial data that may help in case the insanity defence is necessary (Sweet, 2009). Legal issues related to mental illness are difficult to prove and result in acquittal, and hence accurate data about Ms D is necessary (Sweet, 2009).


In considering the ethical, forensic, and legal issues, it is essential also to determine the role of her husband to take care good care of her. He has a responsibility in the event she is unable to take care of herself. Taking care of Ms D is the ultimate goal for the Neuropsychologist and Mr. D.


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