Need to Know God: Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-08
Need to Know God: Free Essay Sample
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The knowledge of God from personal perspectives often comes from various things. The experience that we have with God gives us our definition of Him every time we are to define Him. Tozer says that the first thing that comes to one's mind is what defines when you think of God is the most important thing to you. I agree with this statement because of several reasons.

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We often get to define God from the experiences and the encounters that we have with Him (Byrne, 2017). This may be assistance we received at a time when we were really in need. Study shows that these come from deep emotional grounds, which are so key to the individual. We then get to know God from these experiences, and this is the most important for us. For example, God is described as a provider because, in many verses in Psalm concerning the Israelites. This is because God provided for the Israelites on many occasions, all they needed, and this forms an integral part of their lives.

The book of Jeremiah 9: 23-24 states what God wants to be referred to as. It is recorded that God exercises kindness, justice, and righteousness. This comes from how He has been treating the Israelites in the past. He showed kindness, justice, and righteousness to them, and therefore, this is what they define Him with (Burdick, 2015). The Israelites, for example, have been in exile where they are treated with cruelty; they experience injustice and evil are done before them. This deeply affects them emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually. When God saves them from all these by providing justice, righteousness, and showing them kindness, He touches the innermost need they have. From this, they define Him, and it, therefore, forms the most important part of their lives.

The book of John 17:1-5 describes Jesus addressing God as the father as he intercedes for the task ahead of him. Jesus addresses God as the father because he has been with God, and God is his head. It is evident throughout the book of John that Jesus came from above and was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Then his home is heaven, with God inherently becoming his head. God is the one who instructs him and tells him what should be done, and his work is to obey. Therefore, since God is the head figure to him, he then refers to Him as a father.

The book Isiah 11:1-9 presents the prophecy about the governance of the coming Messiah. It also describes the benefits that are to accompany his coming. These descriptions, like, judging the needy with righteousness and justice, shows what is to come? These descriptions emerge from the experiences that the Israelites have been having from their oppressors. They are opting for a Messiah to come and save them and thus describe Him thus.

If we were to exclusively describe God from the encounter and the experiences that we have, then life would be different in the way that people's faith in Him would grow. This is because, His presence becomes more realistic through the experiences, and therefore, people would get to understand Him more (Roso, 2015).

In conclusion, our definition of God comes from the most important things in our lives. This mainly includes those things in which God probably helped us overcome, especially in the moments when we most needed for help since these arise from needs deeply knitted to us, our definition of God the become tied to the most important thing in our lives.


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