Free Essay Example - Depression Guidelines

Published: 2023-02-15
Free Essay Example - Depression Guidelines
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Depression is a disorder that causes impaired role functioning and leads to a poor quality of life among depressed persons. This disorder has been associated with the suicidal behavior and increased mortality rate in societies. Whenever depression occurs due to medical morbidity, it tends to be related to poor cooperation in treatment, rise in medical care costs, and poor treatment compliance (Hollon et al., 2014). The management of depressions includes a detailed assessment and the correct development of diagnosis. Evaluation of depression disorders tends to be based on a comprehensive history, mental examination, and a physical examination. Therefore, due to an increase in depression disorders in the society, this paper will review the different depression treatment guideline and find which is the most useful.

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The American Psychiatric Association (APA) summarizes the recommendations on various use of drug therapies and antidepressants. These guidelines help in the treatment of patients who show depressive symptoms in the context of other disorders. Treatment at the acute phase tends to be aimed at the induction remission of depressive conditions and achievement of a complete return to the baseline of functioning (Gelenberg et al., 2010). Patients showing mild to moderate symptoms of depressions can be treated through psychotherapy or the antidepressants. Besides, the VA/DoD guidelines depend on the available information during publication. VA/DoD is designed to allow the provision of information and assist when making decisions (STATEMENTS, 2009). The VA guidelines do not define the standard of care or the exclusive course of managing the depressive disorder.

On the other hand, the NICE guideline is evidence-based recommendations for care and health in England. These guidelines to set the care and services recommendable for individuals with particular need or conditions (Kendrick & Peveler, 2010). Also, NICE treatment guideline assists the medical care professional to protect and promote good health, prevent ill health, and improve the quality of care and services provided to patients (Monson, Macdonald & Brown-Bowers, 2012).

Therefore, the best treatment guideline for the depressive disorder is the APA since it provides the evidence-based recommendations for various assessments and treatment of disorders. The APA guidelines might change depending on the scientific knowledge and technological advancement. Therefore, the recommendations provided for the treatment of depressive disorders tend to incorporate the individuals sociocultural and personal preferences to promote adherence to treatment, therapeutic alliance, and the treatment outcomes.


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