Neckcessories Trends Essay Example

Published: 2019-05-14
Neckcessories Trends Essay Example
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Juny Nguyen's business is known as Neckcessories. The catchphrase of his business is A Breath of Fresh Air, In This Type of Neckwear. Neckcessories provides a replacement to conventional ties; which aims at solving problems associated with conventional ties. The Neckcessories tie can be defined by the acronym CRUSTY. Classy, Refined, Unique, Snap-on, Trendy and Youthful.

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Neckcessories addresses some of the problems associated with conventional neckties and their replacements such as clip-ons. Neck ties are troublesome to many people due to their complexity in tying. Nowadays, people no longer rely on guidance from their elders on how to wear a tie. With the advent of technology, it is possible to view practice videos on YouTube. However, it would be a bother when technology is unavailable to put on a tie without knowing how to tie one. Clip-ons have a tendency to turn uncomfortable at times and inconvenient to the wearer. Neckcessories seeks to provide a comfortable and convenient to wear substitute for neckties. Neckcessories took advantage of the gap in convenience in the market and used it to produce a product to fill the gap. In addition, there are people who are willing to donate their used neck ties. Neckcessories took advantage of the availability of used neckties to recycle into new products for the market.

The majority of consumers who may be interested in this product include the young between 15 years and the elderly above 55 years. They may find the conventional tying of neck ties inconvenient and cumbersome. Moreover, the target market is more likely to embrace new products based on convenience.

Sweet Dissolve

Hayley Hoverters business is known as Sweet Dissolve. Sweet Dissolve provides sugar packaged in soluble packs that dissolve with the sugar. The dissolvable eco-friendly sugar package is aimed at making sugar consumption simpler and less damaging to the environment. The dissolvable sugar packs eliminate the problem of trash from used sugar packets.

Hayley Hoverters observed that used sugar packets were a menace to the environment. Thousands of used sugar packages are trashed from cafes and homes alike. The waste posed a threat to the safety of the environment. In an effort to combat environmental degradation; Hayley Hoverter came up with the idea of dissolvable sugar packets. The dissolvable sugar packets would be edible and pose no threat to humans, or the environment. Sweet dissolve was created to eliminate the pollution created by ordinary sugar packets. Hayley Hoverters brainchild was from observing the threat posed by ordinary sugar packets and aimed at neutralizing the threat.

The most probable consumers would be restaurants, cafes and homes where sugar is consumed. These avenues use a lot of sugar daily and will need a way to reduce the used sugar packages. In addition, the other potential customer is the environmentally aware individual who uses sugar. These individuals will be attracted by the chance to enjoy their beverage as they conserve the environment.

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