Navigating Stress: A Case Study Sample on Causes, Management, and Therapeutic Approaches

Published: 2023-12-30
Navigating Stress: A Case Study Sample on Causes, Management, and Therapeutic Approaches
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A 36-year-old woman from our case study has fears of getting a heart attack. Her anxiety began after visiting a cardiologist who referred her for stress treatment and management after she exhibited heart attack symptoms (Writer, 2007). The woman has experienced heart palpitations, shortness of breath, tingling sensations in the toes and fingers, dizziness, and chest pain over the past few months. She fears that a heart attack might suddenly attack her without a warning or reason. She then keeps on rushing to the hospital with fears of a heart attack whenever she has any form of argument despite how small it may be (Writer, 2007). After various diagnoses, the lady was said to be suffering from stress and not a heart attack. The study focuses on the above-illustrated case study where the stress causes, stress management techniques, and therapy will be explained.

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Stress refers to physical tension or emotional feeling, makes an individual nervous, angry, or frustrated. Stress can be both negative and positive. It is positive when it helps an individual avoid some dangers or a complete specific task in the deadline. Stress is harmful when it can cause diseases and affect mental health (Writer, 2007). Individuals with stress issues are mostly advised to seek a stress management plan, which will help them cope with their underlying stressors. Stress management refers to various programs and techniques intended to aid individuals in dealing with stress more effectively.

Causes of Stress

There are many causes of stress, ranging from money, work, family responsibilities, and health concerns. From our case study, the leading cause of stress for the 36-year-old woman is health concerns (Writer, 2007). The woman has fears of having a heart attack, pressuring her to check up whenever she encounters any form of argument. From her case, several relation techniques to alleviate her stress are advisable. The first technique is that of mindfulness meditation. The method involves setting the mind's focus on the present moment and paying close attention to breathing. The approach enables one to concentrate on the current issues without drifting into the future or past. Our case study suffers from anxiety, where she worries about the future more than living in the present (Writer, 2007). With this technique, all her fear of even getting a heart attack will be eliminated.

The other technique is Tai chi. The technique involves rhythmic breathing, which is accompanied by a series of flowing or posture movements. The technique enables one to eliminate distractions like the racing thoughts of anxiety in our case study. Anger management therapy is another technique that may help the victim control their anger and not respond to minor issues (Writer, 2007). For instance, in the case where the lady and her boyfriend disagree about their future, this therapy would aid her in controlling her anger and not responding to every argument

Short-Term Alternative Therapies

Some therapies may also apply to our case study situation. For instance, taking a time-out is one of the therapies that the lady in our case study can implement to alleviate stress. Finding a quiet place to lie or sit and taking some deep breaths reduces the stressful situation (Mayo Clinic., 2019). Aromatic therapy could also be used as an alternative stress relaxer in our case. Considering that the woman is the marketing director of a high-tech firm, this therapy will ensure she performs her work without distraction.

Therapeutic Questions to Ask

When in an encounter with the patient, I would ask her the following questions: What exactly makes a heart attack a particular case? Has she ever been enrolled in any guiding and counseling? What does a heart attack mention make her feel? Has she ever lost anyone close to her due to a heart attack? Given an option, what changes would she make regarding her relationship and career work? How can she describe her mood when around people and when alone? These, among other questions, can be asked to the patient to help understand her fears of a heart attack. However, from the case study, I would be more concerned about the patient’s mental health (Writer, 2007). Her fears and thoughts of having a heart attack may grow and develop into something big in the future. Thus, the necessary measures need to be taken when it is still early.

Long Term Plan

Regarding our case study, several coping interventions may be advised for the client to help in the long term. For instance, the patient may be advised to see a therapist who they can share their fears with and try to work them out together. The patient can also be advised to get enough sleep to alleviate stress (Mayo Clinic., 2019). Since the patient seems to have specific heart attack fears, she should try and identify the anxiety triggers. She can try to overcome them through the therapies identified above (Writer, 2007).

Support Networks

From our case study, the patient's various support networks can be advised to include: Firstly, a marriage counselor. It is so since it seems some of the stressors in her life are her relationship with her boyfriend (Writer, 2007). Seeking a marriage counselor would aid the two in being able to table and solve their future issues. Secondly, she can be advised to aim for group therapy to help her overcome her anxieties. Given that she is sociable, seeking group therapy would do well for her.


From the above illustration, it is evident that stress is a condition that can result in various adverse effects. An individual with stress can exhibit multiple symptoms, which may only be determined by a medical practitioner. In our case study, the woman suffers from stress, and she fears getting a heart attack. Various techniques, such as mindfulness meditation, Tai chi, and anger management therapy, may help curb stress cases. Also, knowing the right support network may aid in managing stress.


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