Project Manager: Vital Role for Project Success - Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-17
Project Manager: Vital Role for Project Success - Paper Example
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The project manager plays a vital role in ensuring that the project under their management becomes a success and thus maintains the client's trust (Gray et al., 2008). A project manager utilizes resources, monitors tasks, makes change requests, and prepares for a project closure when tasked with managing a specific Project (Olson, 2003).

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Monitoring of Tasks

The manager brings together techniques, tools, and skills that are basic for the project to be a success (Flyvbjerg, 2013). The manager works as a team with the other workers at the site and ensures that tasks are designated to the right people and completed at the right time (Millhollan, 2008). The project managers should be at the site so that they can be updated on the progress of the work and making the workers feel that they care about them, and this way, the workers offer the best.

Directing Resources

Resources are the fundamental requirements for any project to succeed and arrange for labor to capital. A manager has the role of putting together all these resources, that is, labor, capital, time, and other Utilities, to ensure that the project runs smoothly proper budgeting (Yahya et al., 2002). With no adequate budgeting, there would be a hiccup in the process, and the results will be undesirable, and the manager may end up losing the client (Olson, 2003).

Managing Change of Request

Changes in the original plan of the project cause alterations in cost and the kind of labor required, among others (Oakland et al., 2007). Change request forms help in the evaluation of the project and possible implications for employment and cost and other actors of production. The manager ensures that the project runs smoothly to the end as stipulated oblivious of the changes Be making necessary Communications regarding changes that take place. Failure to secure communications or changes the project is destined to collapse.

Project Closure

The manager ensures every aspect of the project is complete to the client's satisfaction before closure (Sarfraz, 2009). The final project must be according to the exact expectations from the blueprint of the client. At this juncture, the project manager compares the possible challenges that they faced in the course of the project and avoid them in the future and maintain good relationships with the client (Bengtson et al., 2018).


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