Essay Example "My Worldview"

Published: 2022-07-12
Essay Example "My Worldview"
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Understanding worldview would mean one has understood his purpose in the world; this comes as a result of a person understanding his environment and his role in either changing it for the better or maintaining it. A person might have a negative worldview that may lead to the negative use of energy such as stealing to be rich or destroying the environment for personal gains. My opinion of worldview includes my definition, what shaped my worldview, and the interaction between the way I see the world and societal moral expectations.

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Over time, I have realized my definition of worldview can be summarised as 'how I view the world.' According to me, worldview includes fundamental belief, ideas and value systems that shape my attitude and what I believe is right or wrong. My worldview determines my actions, which influence my life, the lives of others as well as my environment. For instance, I believe nature needs to be preserved and protected for posterity; this belief has been influenced by the fact that I learned about the importance of nature in school and church. My definition of worldview include some fundamental issues such as the nature of God, the meaning of life, the pain caused by death, and the nature of man among others. Currently, I believe that my purpose, which is my place in my worldview, is to act positively towards nature, others and my religion.

My worldview has been shaped by constant interaction with people, nature, and technology. As a child, my family influenced my understanding of the importance of religion as we went to church at least once every week to acknowledge God and the give thanks to Him. As a believer in religion, I got the chance to be taught about God, nature, the origin of man and what is expected of me as a human being. In school, I became part of various social groups including environmental groups that made me understand nature, my purpose, and the effects of influence on my ability to maintain my place in the world. Technology has exposed me to different cultures, environmental variations and human characters that both challenge and support my worldview. In my life, I have met people who believe nature and religion are not worth protecting; I have also met people who would do anything to protect nature and their religion. The latter has inspired me more as they subscribe to and support what is in line with my worldview.

The relationship between my worldview and the societal moral standings has, on many occasions, shared the sentiments on nature religion and man. For instance, killing other people, drug abuse, and sexual immorality are some of the offenses that are strictly discouraged in the society. Since I am a believer in a religion that discourages the three, my beliefs are supported by my societal moral expectations. However, after exposing myself to the social media and mainstream media, I have realized that there are groups of people who glorify war, drug abuse, and sexual immorality. Some of the movies found on the internet show sexual activities, drug abuse and disbelief in the church and in God. Such movies contradict my worldview.

In summary, the worldview is the way one sees the world in terms of nature, man, the pain of death, religion and the meaning of life among others. My worldview is a positive one including belief in religion, in God and in the protection of nature. Despite the negative influence of the internet and the social media, my opinion of the world maintains.

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