Free Essay Sample: Summary of Dissertation

Published: 2023-09-14
Free Essay Sample: Summary of Dissertation
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This dissertation's scope is the impact of postmodernism on ensuring the sustenance of hegemonic institutions in Europe. The paper acknowledges that Europe is entrenched in a system of leadership and governance that prides itself on the inclusion of the high and mighty while preventing the advances of the minority into positions of power. The wheels of postmodernism have entrenched Europe in a system that prioritizes the center of power and authority (Baltodano, 1999). This fact is supported by the existence of institutions that act as custodians of hegemonic power. The writer captures the situation in the Soviet Union, whereby Communism is perpetrated despite the constant changes in power.

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The paper evaluates how the government uses education and politics to shape people's beliefs and ideologies. Notably, the paper reviews the role of educators and teachers in passing down ideologies that promote the dominant culture's power. Therefore, it is ironic that teachers have failed to be elements of change by protecting the system that promotes hegemony and the old guards.

Methods Section Analysis

The method used in data collection was based on ethnography. Baltodano (1999), reviewed submitted documents from 15 teachers that described their qualifications and ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, the researcher also reviewed the faculty records and CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) that documented the various lesson. The interest of the data collection was also the teaching of the European folklore. Nonetheless, the leading shortcoming in this research is the inclination of the researcher on the impact of the teacher to students but not their training. Therefore, the ethnography scope was based solely “on pedagogy and critical theory” (Baltodano, 1999, p. 18).

The researcher is keen on highlighting past challenges of ethnography as a suitable method of evaluating the impact of teachers on young students. The researcher indicates that past ethnography studies carried out in institutions such as the Wisconsin University were marred by maladies like “class, patriarchy and racism” (Baltodano, 1999, p. 19). Nonetheless, the coupling of traditional ethnographic studies with critical theory allows for the evaluation of data for trustworthiness and generation of alternative data based on the same sample group. Most importantly, the scope of this data analysis is to study the impact of knowledge production and how the process is limited and confined by the power struggles with society.

Criticisms of the Research

The education system is rigged by compliance with a rigorous curriculum. This curriculum is created and protected by the dominant group in society. Therefore, the education and competence passed to the students is controlled by the influential members of society. Therefore, teachers are merely complicit in the continued hegemony that destroys European society by sidelining the minority. Alternatively, the minority and needy members of this society only belong once they attain a sense of this education. Nevertheless, it is imperative to indicate that this form of education promotes hegemony and submission to the existing system of oppressive power. Therefore, since the system is rigged and immensely huge to change overnight, the issuance of scholarships allows students from minority groups to access this form of education as a form of token for their other qualifications.

The transformation of the education system is a continued struggle as each group seeks to undo the past alteration in the sector. Therefore, despite the existence of public bodies seeking to regulate the quality and ideologies in any education system, the change should always be progressive and positive. Additionally, the government should invest more in the institutional infrastructure, cultural democracy, and educational faculty.


Baltodano, M. P. (1999). Learning to teach: Reproducing a pedagogy of oppression.

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