Paper Example. My Faith in God

Published: 2023-03-17
Paper Example. My Faith in God
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Faith refers to the assurance that things we do not so see exists. Religious faith refers to believing that God exists and that everything in earth is as a result of His existence. Many people argue differently about the existence of God. Some follow science and argue that anything that a person cannot see or touch does not exist.

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I believe that God exists, science may try to explain the origin of everything in the world based on scientific research but every inference only leaves more unanswered questions. My faith in God is a result of trying to answer these scientific questions. The need to know where I came from, how the universe that we live in came into existence, how despite all the wrongs committed by people they still excel in their lives. In trying to answer these questions the only concrete answer that I can come up with is that there is a Supreme Being watching over us. It makes more sense to me to believe that the reason why I was born was not as an accident but for a purpose.

I practice Christianity. A desire to understand the nature of the Supreme Being leads me into subscribing to this religion. The Bible gives answers to all the questions that science and myths cannot address. For example, the assurance in the book of Genesis about God's creation of the universe gave me a clear understanding of where I came from and how the universe I live in today came into existence. It explains how God through the word His mouth created the whole universe. He then molded clay and formed it into a human being, breathed life into him and that's how the very first man came to be. God then commanded them to multiply and fill the earth. It is through that command that every human being in the world today came into existence.

The Christian virtues, norms and beliefs also motivate me to be a Christian. The commandments listed in the bible which acts as a guideline for every Christian. The promises that God made for us that if follow the commands that death will not be the end of life gives an assurance that there is life after death. Many human beings fear death, it is through Christianity that my faith about the afterlife is enhanced. The painful moments of losing people that we love drive many to God.

Adherence to the Christian teachings has benefited me both at a personal level and in my relationship with other people. Learning to control the desires of the fresh has a positive impact on my life. It has helped me avoid things like the uses of drugs which have a negative result both to the users and to society. Impaired judgment is one of the negative effects of drug abuse. Living in a society where the use of drugs is a way of life has given me more reasons to stay strong in my faith.

Interactions with some people have led to a decline in my faith in the past. Atheist argues that God does not exist. Their argument is based on some facts and situations that they have been through in life. For example, when interacting with one of the students he gave a story that made him lose his faith in God and his argument almost made me lose mine. At age eleven he lost his mother who was the sole breadwinner of the family he had lost his father at the age of five. The blow was too much for him to handle. If God really exists why did He allow me to go through all that suffering? .Others argue using the bible. Their theory is that the bible is just another storybook. Existence of two accounts of creation which are somehow different from each other gives them an upper hand in their arguments.

In conclusion, I would rather stay strong in my Christianity faith and believe that God really exists. It would be better to die and find that the God that you served is not really there than to live believing that He is not there only to find Him during the judgment time.

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