Free Essay Sample: Good Parents, Bad Results

Published: 2019-06-19
Free Essay Sample: Good Parents, Bad Results
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Good parenting determines the future behavior of your child. It does not matter whether you adopted him or her or whether he is your biological child. He or she may decide to grow in agreement with the many traditions and customs he was introduced to or just follow an androgenic culture. While parenting, parents should be keen on observing what it is their children prefer. Creating a good rapport with your child is, therefore, important. Most parents expect their children to feel and think as they instead of considering the childs feelings. This essay focuses on the various modes of parenting that children taking up bad behavior.

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Immediately a child is born; the parents are keen on establishing goals that they would want their newborn to achieve. These goals are decided on even before they decide to bring a child into their lives. Once he or she is born, all is well till he gains awareness of the world. Then, parents start setting limits. It is, however, not surprising to learn that most of these parents fail while doing so. Despite the love, Kazdin notes that employing harsh punishment is not effective. It creates fear in the child, which eventually leads to ignorance and escape. This creates a wedge between the child and the parents. According to Kazdin therefore, it is much more efficient to encourage the kids to practice good mannerism. They can then employ limits by asking their children to fix whatever mess they had created.

Empathetic parents deny their children the right to learn from mistakes. Children do not require empathy to think about how their feelings are affected by whatever it is they do. They also need to think of the way they will make others feel once they hurt them physically or emotionally. Stanley Greenspan believes children the art of being empathetic for being empathized with. In his book, Stanley includes some methods which he thinks help in establishing a good rapport between parents and their kids. To develop a happy life, great kids learn from their parents when to empathize, be creative, and apply logical thinking. James Windell also seconds Stanley in emphasizing the importance of empathetic behavior.

Focusing on too much on childs grades without encouraging fun confuses the child on what he or she is supposed to learn and how to do it. Children who are creative, on the other hand, can bounce back if original ideas do not bear fruits. Greenspan also notes that in such cases, they understand that it takes time to come up with a proper solution. Having fun, moreover, assists in weighing down growing tension between parents and they kids. It can be employed in all instances when the family is gathered together such as during meal times or when in the car driving to school and work. Being overprotective and praising your children too much is also inappropriate. Comments such as you are special foster narcissism and not self-esteem. Being overprotective at the same time communicates the message that the child cannot deal with emerging situations. This gives no reason to try. In the words of Robert Brooks, trying and failing is what encourages them to avoid dire consequences.

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