Free Essay: My Career Goals in Nursing

Published: 2022-11-17
Free Essay: My Career Goals in Nursing
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The nursing domain attracted me because of several reasons. As a nurse, it entails being in the front line to provide quality care for others and save lives. While at the hospital or homecare environment, it is usually the nurse who discovers the patient who requires emergency attention before the physician. It is upon the nurse to act accordingly within the scope of their practice and hospital procedures. This facet of nursing attracts me because it is the kind of responsibility that a physician has, which I hoped to become many years ago. Then, nurses did not have such a level of responsibility, and because of this, many patients passed on.

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My short-term career goals include successfully excelling in Nursing 255, then passing the National Board Exam. Once I accomplish this, I intend to work on the medical-surgical floor and perfect my skills as a graduate nurse. I have also chosen a medical-surgical nursing field which will assist me to develop my clinical abilities. Furthermore, I hope to be an active registered nurse and preferably join the American Nurses Association. Through this, I would be able to attend seminars and advocate for the advancement of nurses into prescribing medication autonomously. Hopefully, in the next five years or so I will have a degree in nursing in the field of family healthcare and work in an emergency room.

My personal goals are self-effacing because money has never been a goal. For me being a nurse is not a job but doing what enriches the soul; somehow a calling. I am thankful for having the opportunity and making it this far. I always have endeavored to take care of my ailing mother, who has been unwell for quite some time. Being able to attend to her, and help her make critical decisions in her medication has been my proudest undertaking throughout this journey. I find it my desire to ensure she gets proper nursing care, which I plan for her in my absence. It has also been my principal obligation to take care of others, and I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my instructors for their unwavering support of instilling knowledge and experience to become competent nurses. I hope to make them proud.

A typical day in my life can be explained by when I am in school or over the holiday. During the school days, I begin by planning my mother's medication before leaving for school. First duty after waking up involves preparing the house and make breakfast for my mum and me. The next thing would be to allocate the medicines she would need to take for the day's dosage. I would set alarms for her, so it does not slip her mind. I would also write a note for the house help on what to do for the day's activities and what diet to offer my mother. Afterward, I would head for school, where over my lunch break I would head to the library to do some research and polishing on my coverage because I rarely have time when at home. In the evening I would head home after classes and spend time talking to my mum and dad.

When in the holidays, I usually enroll in community service at the town's county government hospital. So my day would start by leaving home and doing the same care for my mum. When I arrive at the hospital, checking in has to be done. The first job is to meet with the nurse who worked during the night shift. The other nurse provides typically a record of the patients admitted overnight and a progress report of all patients. The latter part of the day would involve assisting doctors and receiving emergency patients' cases.

An inferior health care service for poor people is a problem I intend to solve around my community. Cases of death have been recorded over very many years as a result of people not being able to afford quality health care which is mostly offered in advanced hospitals. My first agenda is to mobilize more nurses into creating a union to serve the local community at fair prices if not for free. I believe in giving back to society, which is an attribute of many nurses I have interacted with. Through charity and government funding, it is possible to create a public health care center that provides quality healthcare to the poor in the community. Being "strong to serve" is one of the qualities that a competent nurse should uphold. I plan to chair this union to its success, even though such journeys are never a walk in the park.

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