My Career as an Educator - Personal Essay Sample

Published: 2019-06-04
My Career as an Educator - Personal Essay Sample
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At this moment in time, I had a particular feeling that vividly seemed unreal. I was feeling as though I was going to explode as I sat in my room, all by myself, wondering what to expect. It was the night prior to my first experience at work, and the early October winds had begun, the autumn was fine and truly on its way; it was the period of the year when all the things mature and is well collected for the winter. As I settled down on my soft, safe bed, I slipped my warm duvet and wondered what the following day would bring.

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I was going to an educating practice in just in my district but at a place that had never been to before. I had always dreamt of becoming an educator, and this was my first opportunity at experiencing my future, as my future solely lies in my hands. It was going to be an early glimpse of what I may become. I would be either an explicitly incredible, a day that could whizz by without seeming to breathe in and out, or it would drag along and I would have to think once more what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life. Worse still, what if I would simply get confused all day?

My first experience as an educator was very exciting and challenging. When I put on my formal and stepped out of my room, I noticed that my parents were very proud to see me reporting to work as an educator. It made me proud of myself as well as I have nearly completed their dreams. Upon arriving at the institution, I headed straight to the administrator. While in the waiting room, I started having random thoughts in my mind I imagined the room, where there would be a lot of charts on the wall, other new faces waiting to be served and the learners who are eagerly waiting to be educated. It was with these series of thoughts in my head that I fell into a light, temporary, dream full of sleep. I dreamt standing before rows and columns of anxious learners. Some of them, portraying an active and warm nature while others dull and seemingly unaware of whatever is transpiring. So it was with these slightly bleary eyes that I approached the institutional administration, where I was to spend my significant moments. The morning was very misty and cold, but the cold was crispy, and the mist was frightening, rather than thrilling. I was feeling as though I was traveling to some place, the feeling a person gets at five in the morning when catching an early flight, one steps out of their door, and their own, familiar streets appears somehow different. My feelings were exactly like that, although I was not going to another country. I was merely stepping into the future, in another time.

The little blue door opened on the waiting room that was a lot smaller than I had just imagined. The wall had a hatch, which seemed like that of a waiter, which made me begin feeling that I was expecting some food, but instead, there was a middle-aged lady behind the hatch who greeted me in a warm, friendly manner. The woman said, Good morning there, do you have an appointment? having told her who I was and the reason I was there, she took me through some particulars and later introduced me to the administrator. The administrator was very glad to see me, and she directed me to the practicum coordinator, Mr. Lal, who was the assistant administrator. The assistant administrator was a short middle man who looked at me with very pleasant eyes. He requested me to stay around as we wait for the other educators and then hold the staff meeting, and my first day at work commenced. The staffroom was neat as I had expected, but a lot of more tranquil than I had imagined, but the charts I had pictured were there. I still remember walking in steadily and very nervous and taking a seat. I looked around, and I saw my expression was reflected in the faces of my coworkers.

While in the staff meeting, the administrators welcomed the new educators warmly, gave us some snacks and highlighted the other educators who had already been working in the institution. They vividly elaborated what they expected from my colleagues and me and walked us through all the aspects. They also highlighted the rules and regulations that govern the institution, I was allocated my associate educators, and I also noticed that the educators should prepare a lot before they can embark on teaching. I remember getting out of the meeting with a lot of energy, motivation and a smile on my face, so glad that I had landed the job of my dreams.

The first group I taught made me understand that these learners looked at me as their role model, before anything else. They closely and keenly listened to each and every word I uttered. I could tell that they would be active and attentive, but I could not tell to what extent. That was more probably the one anticipation that too on a completely new meaning for me. I also anticipated having a difficult moment getting the student participation on the questions. I assumed that they would be nervous but during the first session of teaching, almost all of them gave their input and spoke up. I was very pleased that this assumption was proved wrong, and it was very rewarding to see the learners participate and interact during the learning activities.

To conclude, I can say that my first day in my career as an educator had a lot of experience for me. I learned numerous things about the institution and the quantity of work that the educators need to do for them to be successful. For most teenagers, landing a job is a way of making some money, a way of having some more cash for the clothes and the movies. It makes a person feel independent but personally, it made me feel like an adult. It made me understand how to be responsible and to handle my funds. In a manner, it was like I had learned the skills of real life in a day. The day will always be a huge part of growing and maturing into a young adult. Looking back, the most crucial thing I learned was not about the procedures because I learned a lot about myself. More so, I learned that I got the qualities needed to be a professional and great educator. Lastly, I learned that the educators are supposed to make sure that the learners grasp the concepts that they teach i.e. the aims must be achieved.

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