Paper Example. Movie Review on Crazy Rich Asians

Published: 2023-08-06
Paper Example. Movie Review on Crazy Rich Asians
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Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic comedy film directed by Chu, Peter Chiarelli, and Adele Lim. The movie earned various international awards, such as the "76th Golden Global Awards” and “best motion comedy," the movie-rated selection for the “24th Critics' Awards," where Wu received the accolade of the best female actress. By classically ending the triumph of Rachels's love, the movie suits the series. The film earned about $238 million. The movie had a successful cast, and the actors included Constance Wu, Lisa Lu, and Henry Golding Gemma Charles, among others. This paper reviews the film "Crazy Rich Asians," and how it is related to the current social issues on relationships.

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Review on “Crazy Rich Asians”

The movie is a franchise based on the novel “Crazy Rich Asians," written by Kwan in 2013. It addresses the real-world issues that occur in an Asian setting. The use of comedy in the movie makes the movie exciting and worth your time. However, the film has many unnecessary details. There is a similar movie called Crazy Rich People. The movie -Manager, used the characters Rachel and Nick to bring a captivating theme of how love overcomes all odds, especially in the context of wealthy families. The film has a smooth flow of events leading into Rachel and Nick's meeting and starting a relationship, climaxing when they went to New York to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony. The movie's target audience is young people. The film has an emotional mood and is G-rated and uses satire to tackle serious issues. There is the use of visual similarities and Panasonic VariCam Pure (Sio 10) in Cinematography, making the visual effects interesting.

The movie has a straightforward plot between Rachel and Nick, whereby Rachel marries Nick after a lot of conspiracies by friends; therefore, touching its theme of love always wins. In the beginning, Jasmine Chen sings in Mandarin language expecting the return of her husband; however, the movie ends without her wish’s fruition. The film is so intriguing, especially by using satire to address love issues. The movie is not specific to the ending of the love of Rachel and Nick. It does not tell where the professor goes, the reason behind the divorce, and how the summer ends. There is an overall emotional experience in the movie; therefore, the fans should stay warned.

The movie's purpose is to show that human beings are social beings; even if they are rich, the success of the film is attributed to its simplicity, Cinematography, atmosphere, and visual elements. The most touching scene is Jasmine Chen singing in Mandarin at the start.


The movie "Crazy rich Asians" is based on a novel. It is an exciting love movie with a comic background; the film has a successful cast and received numerous accoladed. There is an emotional mood throughout the film. The simplicity and graphics of the movie make it interesting. It's a must-watch for movie lovers with love for the blend of passion and comedy.

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