Free Essay with the Blade Runner Movie Review

Published: 2019-05-27
Free Essay with the Blade Runner Movie Review
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The movie Blade Runner is a 1982 movie based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Rick Deckard is the main character who has the duty of finding Replicants and killing them. The movie is mainly about the killing of the Replicants and the relationship between Deckard and Rachael one of the Replicants created by Dr. Tyrell. The movie Blade Runner is set in a dystopian Los Angeles City in 2019. At the time, human are genetically engineered to become Replicants who serve the purpose of entertainment and offer labor. The Replicants are illegal on the planet earth and. Therefore, it is the duty of human to hunt them and kill them. The city of the set is Los Angeles which appears to be extremely different from the Los Angeles we know as far as buildings and life are concerned; it is more developed and sophisticated.

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In the movie Blade Runner, one distinctive feature is the architecture. Science and industrialization have made the city of Los Angeles look like a segregated place where people cannot move freely. In the early scenes, Deckard is shown in a flying vehicle gazing at buildings that look like space ships. Furthermore, the landscape shows the struggle that the citizens of Los Angeles go through as far as movement is concerned. The city of Los Angeles in the movie Blade Runner is an urban dystopia. Los Angeles city is a dystopia because there is a creation f illusion that the city is a perfect world when it is not. The population of Los Angeles is in constant fear of the outside world because they worry about the invasion by the Replicants who want to get a better life in their city. In the movie, the citizens of Los Angeles are always perceived to be under surveillance. Surveillance is critical to detect the Replicants amongst the citizens of Los Angeles; constant surveillance is a characteristic of dystopian society. Another characteristic of a dystopian society is that the citizens live in dehumanized environment. In the movie, there is a feeling of frustration and struggle in the cafe and the deserted streets.

In the final part of the movie, Deckard and Roy are involved in a thrilling moment when Deckard tries to kill Roy by drilling a long nail in his hand. However, Roy is still persistent, and Deckard finds a metal rod and his Roy severally on his shoulder. However, Roy seems to be having superpowers and Deckard decide to leave the room and risk falling from the high point. When Deckard tries to jump to another roof, he almost falls but hangs on a rod by one hand. Roy makes a jump and just when Deckard is about to slip he holds his hand and pulls him to safety. Roy seats next to Deckard and tells him that it is time to die, but he is referring to himself. Deckard goes back to his apartment, and when he gets the door opened, he draws his gun. After calling Rachael without any response, he walks into the room where Rachael is covered with a sheet. Few minutes later Rachael is dressed and as they leave Deckard sees a small unicorn shaped paper on the floor, and Gaffs voice says its too bad she wont live but who does.

The movie shows that cities in the future are congested, insecure and uncomfortable. Some city buildings are also abandoned as people occupy new buildings. The movie shows an atmosphere of darkness and fear. Probably because of the insecurity issues and the constant fear that citizens live in. The bleak nature of the environment is expressed by frequent rains, darkness, and empty streets. Some of the movies that are similar to Blade Runner 1982 include, 'I am Legend' and 'Mad Max Fury.'

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