Paper Example. Motives for Espionage

Published: 2023-08-27
Paper Example.  Motives for Espionage
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Espionage is defined as spying or the use of spies, mostly by governments, to obtain military and political information from other governments or companies (Webster, 2020). In the United States, the espionage act was formed in the late 1990s to punish those who shared sensitive government information that would cause panic (Webster, 2020). Espionage is motivated by revenge, ideology, money, and ego. According to research by Verizon, most data breaches are a result of financial gains. The report showed that 86% of the crimes were as a result of money (Arriana, 2020). As many businesses are advancing to online operations and cloud storage, so does their risk of being hacked rises. Most hacking is done online, and when these hackers are given a little money for motivation, then a crime is committed. The current work-from-home digital transformation process has put many organizations at risk of these crimes as many people are idle. If an opportunity for a crime for money shows up, then many cybercriminals would go for it (Webster, 2020). Therefore, it means that many people would commit a crime for financial gains rather than for spying purposes, which is an excellent way of motivating a spying process.

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DOD Kill/Capture Lists

The United States Department of Defense uses long-range drone attacks to eliminate wanted terrorists and criminals. The use has increased both in the number of attacks and the number of targets. The use of these attacks has been much criticized by critics who argue that the signature attacks sometimes do not eliminate the alleged terrorists or military combatants but end up injuring or sometimes killing innocent civilians. The use of these kill lists should be much forbidden as it would raise conflicts between governments or even the government and its citizens. If a government learns that another country is launching an attack on one of its citizens, and sometimes these attacks can be conducted not following the international rules, this can create a war between the two governments. The kill order can be made for a person who might be wrongly convicted or mistaken. This can cause unrest from the citizens who have a different opinion of the victim from the government, among other disadvantages; hence they are not the best ways of dealing with criminals and terrorists.

Assets for Collecting Information

There are numerous ways of information collection. These include observation, questionnaires, interviews, focus group sessions, and others. Making direct observation is the simplest method of information collection, as it just involves seeing. One is only required to establish an efficient way of representation. The setup infrastructure and equipment for observation is cheap and straightforward. In the case of complex situations, more training can be required to conclude the data and is prone to bias due to a lack of exposure (Gaurav, 2020). Questionnaires are the only instruments of data collection that can be administered to the subjects through either mail, phone, or online. They allow the researcher to carefully structure the collection plan, although the response can sometimes turn out low and affect the research. Interviews involve one on one sessions with the subjects and as a result, a deeper understanding of their views. For the conversations to be active, one needs to be well trained and with the necessary skills. Focus group sessions involve a more advanced interview where a group of carefully chosen individuals engages in a talk about a specific topic. Finding people who are willing and qualified for the item can be challenging (Gaurav, 2020).


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