Monitoring as a Parent. Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-28
Monitoring as a Parent. Free Essay Example
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Being a good child monitor entails aspects such as paying attention, asking questions, making the right decisions, setting boundaries, and motivating the child to make positive choices in your absence (Farabee, 2020). During the early stages of childhood, monitoring a kid seems easy because the responsible party makes most decisions on their behalf. However, as the children grow into older stages such as pre-teen and teenage life, they tend to discover more about their personalities. Their view of life sometimes differs from that of their parents, making it difficult for both parties to retain their existing relationship. It is during these stages that the parent’s ability to monitor their child is limited or diminished in some instances (Farabee, 2020).

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Despite the challenges, there is a need for parents to monitor their children’s progress through all the stages of life. It is important that monitors understand the stages that children have to undergo throughout their process of growth. With pre-teen and teenage children, it is normal for individuals in this phase develop interests and interact with friends that are not approved by their parents (Farabee, 2020). However, it is important that one consider every aspect of the situation before they decide whether they are going to forbid such endeavors. For instance, if the choices of the child are not harmful to them or other parties, one could consider giving leeway to the matter in an attempt to avoid unnecessary conflicts with their child (Farabee, 2020). It is essential to ensure an issue is important and positively affects the growth of a child before insisting upon it.

There are some basic guides that enable one to become an active monitor for their child. It is important to know where the child is and whomever they are accompanied. In addition, it is essential that one knows the character of the child’s friends and whatever doings they are undertaking during their time together. Finally, one should always ensure the safety of their child and provide a reliable means of getting home at all times (Farabee, 2020).

Other important attributes to consider if an individual wants to become an excellent child monitor include building a healthy relationship with the child based on open communication. It is also important to inform a child about the importance of various choices you advocate for in their lives. Another important aspect, especially during the adolescent stage, has the whereabouts of whatever your child is reading, watching, and listening to (Farabee, 2020). Also, the friends an individual spends time with regularly play a key role in influencing their character; hence it is vital that one knows the values and interests of their child’s close friends. Finally, good monitors should direct their children without being rigid; one can be flexible in certain circumstances to avoid resistance (Farabee, 2020).

It is ideal to agree that the majority of parents want what is best for their child. However, it is vital that a child experiences all the stages of life to enable them mature both physically and emotionally. A good monitor should work at being part of all the stages of their child’s growth process. Being part of the process is offering guidance to the child and helping them make the best choices regarding important life aspects. It is vital that one considers the child’s interests before making any life-changing as it could affect their life forever. By being a careful child monitor should entail good listening and communication skills, making effective decisions, and setting the required limits.


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