Democracy Now - Free Essay about the News Program

Published: 2022-06-08
Democracy Now - Free Essay about the News Program
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The intervention of the election that took place in Haiti brought huge political violence because the U.S backed it up and ousted democratic polls making Jean-Bertrand Aristide become the president thus living behind thousands of Haiti members dead. Despite the fact that Haiti was dangerous, the aftermath of this incident still made the citizens vote (Goodman et al., 1996 p.1). One comparison Goodman noticed was that in America, the elections usually take place peacefully, but the U.S citizens never bothered voting. This is the reason why Amy Goodman created 'Democracy now' because she wanted to go to silent places where people were not heard.

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Mumia Abu Jamal was a journalist and former Black Panther in Philadelphia who was sentenced to death after being framed of murdering a police officer in 1981 (Goodman et al., 1996 p.4). His relation to 'Democracy Now' was that all his years, no one has ever heard his story and after being approached by Amy Goodman, he felt that it was time for the fatherless prison guards to be heard and how they live behind bars. Having done that, Goodman realized that she could criticize the media to air out the unwanted interference of the truth. All she wanted was a media that covered powers but not the one that covered up for powers (Goodman et al., 1996 p.9). She also needed a press that was the fourth state and not the one that was for the country. Lastly, Goodman wanted a media that created history and static.

During the meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle, the corporate media barely mentioned to the public about the matter. Most of the time, they either gave little information or misrepresented the info or even ignore the whole issue (Goodman et al., 1996 p.10). When 'Democracy now' chipped in to cover the news, Goodman and her team were later arrested, and when taken to NBC, the conversation from other reporters was that she was arrested because she was covering the protestors (Goodman et al., 1996 p.16). In her reports, Goodman talked about September 11th but in different years. For instance, in 1973 September 11th, Chile democratically elected Salvador Allende, in 2001, was when the World Trade Center was hit by the two planes and in 1993 the same month and date was when the U.S had ousted the Haitian businessman (Goodman et al., 1996 p 17-19). These events were addressed by Goodman to connect the images of how people all over the world suffered and terrorized.

One news source that I regularly use is the Consortium news because unlike 'Democracy Now' it also investigates information in depth to uncover scandals and other stories that the mainstream media never covered (Hurley, 2015). It also publishes evidence and fact-based articles. However, Americans don't receive information usual news media because most of them like hiding the truth. It is only through specific media platforms that in-depth and accurate information is outsourced, investigated and reported as it was found.


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