Mini-Case Study Analysis: HRM Issues in Global Green Books Publishing

Published: 2017-07-06
Mini-Case Study Analysis: HRM Issues in Global Green Books Publishing
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Factors that led to uncertainty in project cost estimation and execution

Global Green Books Publishing faced numerous challenges when trying to cover the unexpected workload, a situation that commonly occurs for entities that fail to forecast and make appropriate calculations. A company may find itself defaulting and legging behind the schedule due to uncertainties conditioned by various factors, such as being new in the market, not having enough experience in project management, and not being able to estimate the costs to be incurred during the contract execution. In case of Global Green Books Publishing, employing largely inexperienced staff to carry out the main tasks and the management not having clear communication on the printing jobs execution in terms of timeline and volume of work were the factors that added considerably to the uncertainty.

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Risks identified for Global Green Books Publishing

The fact that Global Green Books Publishing employed staff without prior experience brought about a resource risk that put the quality of their job in question. It is always a gamble to provide work for such staff because it could lead to the loss of future business relations with the client if they feel unsatisfied. Further, the unqualified personnel exposed the company to financial risk since they would have to spend more money fixing the defects.

Additionally, by not having Samantha or any other manager to follow up and get feedback on the deliveries and complaints created a risk of failure to fulfill obligations of the contract Global Green Books Publishing had with the college. There was also a scope risk due to the fact that some lecturers placed rush orders for the books. The absence of management in the initial stages of the agreement execution meant that the publisher did not get feedback from the customers.

Risk impact levels

The aspect of not having qualified staff led to low quality of some of the deliveries, therefore, making the company incur more expenses both in form finances as well as time. It also led to increased employee turnover, as some of the employees could not cope with the pressure that came with the job since they did not have the required technical expertise. Thus, hiring non-professional employees was a high-impact risk.

There were delays in order delivery due to the lack of professional workforce, which presented a medium impact, while the low impact level can be assigned to the risk associated with delay due to multiple rush orders that caused further delays of previously placed ones.

Probability of risks identified

The scope risk where project becomes more complex due to the client changing the requirements or shortening the deadline is highly likely to occur. The changes in schedule are not very likely to happen in most projects as the timelines are agreed upon before commencement, unless there are very compelling issues. The issue where the firm has problems with the resources such as workforce and financing is likely to occur because of changes in the external factors that are outside the control of either party, such as inflation.

The most critical risk faced by Global Green Books Publishing

Based on the analysis, the most critical risk the company should look at is the one associated with the workforce as it affects many aspects of the business. The company should not compromise on the quality of their service due to untrained staff as this can damage their reputation, which is core to successful delivery.


Given the most critical risk identified above, Global Green Books Publishing should ensure that the staff it employs to carry out the main work have been trained first. A mechanism to support the workers during their shifts, such as staff rotation to reduce the pressure and increase motivation, should be put in place. There should also be the presence of a quick feedback system where the customers can complain to or compliment the company promptly.

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