Maximizing Performance: Achieving Success in an Imperfect World - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-26
Maximizing Performance: Achieving Success in an Imperfect World - Essay Sample
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A company's performance determines its place in society. A company in society's eyes can earn a negative or positive reputation, depending not only on performance but also on people's perceptions. We live in an imperfect world; hence despite businesses struggling to attain the highest levels of efficiency, they cannot conquer all aspects. The imperfections of firms are the causes of market segmentation and competition. The business being aware of such a concept, tend to focus on what they do best, neglecting their areas of weakness, hoping that customers will mostly focus on the positives. However, it is human nature to complement and demean in accordance to the situation present. Customer service should be every business focus, for it can either make or break a company.

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Company Identified and Why it is the Worst.

The determination of the worst global company in the context of customer service brings us to Facebook, Inc., whose operations are worldwide. CNN Business (n.d), describes Facebook Inc., as a social networking company that develops social media applications for connecting people through the internet via various devices. It has enabled people to share videos, opinions, photos, activities, and ideas. The company has a wide range of products, including Facebook, Oculus, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Flynn (2019) rates Facebook Inc., as one of the 20 worst companies in terms of customer service. Despite its popularity and about 40,000 employees, Flynn (2019) explains that Facebook has been unsuccessful in customer service. Flynn (2019) explains that if there is hacking of a user's account, no assistance is readily available stemming from the fact that communication to and from users is most of the time channeled through chatbots and not human beings. Facebook considers advertisers as their customers, unlike ordinary users who bring in no money. The segregation between customers alone is enough to make it the worst company, not to mention the lack of personalized service.

The Rationale for Selecting Facebook for the Study

Facebook Inc. is the best choice for this study as the worst company in customer service. Apart from the reasons behind its poor performance in delivering excellent customer service, Facebook Inc. fits the required profile, i.e., represents all six business environments. Domestic, technology, global, political-legal, economic, and socio-cultural the six business environments. Hall (n.d), explains that Facebook is an American company with its headquarters at Menlo Park, California. This statement proves its domestic aspect since it provides a background of the company. Hall (n.d), also gives an overview of the global aspect of Facebook Inc., explaining that as of 2012, it had gained one billion users where half of them were daily users. Dudovskiy (2017) explains that politically, Facebook serves as a platform for grievances against corrupt government practices worldwide. With issues such as freedom of the press and human rights and political instability, the company faces some restrictions in some nations as governments fear uprisings. Dudovskiy (2017) also explains Facebook's economic context where its revenues are subject to inflation, human resources costs, and taxes just like a regular business. Perevalova (2008) describes Facebok Inc. in a socio-cultural context where it harbors people of all ages, attitudes, values, and interests, exposing a user to the world beyond people they know. Socializing is on a global scale.


In conclusion, customer service should be every business focus, for it can either make or break a company. Facebook, despite its popularity, has been ranked among the worst in customer service, which shows the significance of excellent customer service. Facebook Inc. lacks personalized service and segregates its customers; hence that is why it is the worst. The company, apart from its poor customer service, also represents all six business environments; that is why it was perfect for this Study.


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