Free Essay Example - Accenture Company

Published: 2023-03-28
Free Essay Example - Accenture Company
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Accenture is a consulting and professional services organization that has its presence in the global marketplace and has partnered with over three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 companies worldwide. The company included a strong, adaptive, and inclusive culture that ensured that all its employees embraced diversity.

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How applying course concepts or theories might be useful

The incorporation of a robust, adaptive, and inclusive culture promoted innovation, creativity, and gave the company a competitive advantage. The application of the concept of diversity in the workplace enabled Accenture to attain internal diversity goals and its leadership held the company accountable in public ways.

Is a company succeeding because of an insightful application of a specific management topic?

The company is succeeding following the insightful application of a strong culture and incorporating diversity in its everyday activities. All its employees have been reenergized and they perform their duties diligently and with consistency. As a result, the employees were motivated and they aggressively embarked on innovation and the production of good product quality. Decision-making was also based on creative thinking that reduced ambiguities and uncertainties that could thwart progress.

Additionally, the insightful application of cultural diversity in Accenture to develop focus and set criteria for prioritizing courses of action. For example, the employees became more responsive to customer needs while the overall management resorted to extraordinary devotion to the provision of client services (Kumar, 2016). Indeed, a strong, inclusive, and adaptive organizational culture is important for any organization that strives to be successful. Also, culture enabled the company to face global competition with valor while adopting new technology and responding to environmental consciousness. Furthermore, the company adoption of cultural diversity enabled it to extend its reward system and attract new and talented workforce (Kumar, 2016). Therefore, it trained them on how to behave based on the organizational behavior that depends on high employees' morals. Consequently, employees developed high levels of loyalty that provided unmatched services to their customers.

Technique for problem-solving

The best technique for solving problems in an organization with a culture consisting of employees from diverse backgrounds is the root cause analysis. The technique identifies what the exact problem is and the best way to tackle it by developing steps for ameliorating the overall situation. The adopted measures are intended to curtail the progress of the progress. An organization with people of different racial and cultural backgrounds must consider the contributing factors that if corrected, will eliminate the possibility of the same problem reoccurring. After identifying the problem from its root cause, it is analyzed, defined, and the best courses of action implemented; and the management validates the corrective actions for averting the recurrence.

The implications of the situation

Accenture's ability to manage a strong, inclusive and adaptive organizational culture is essential for promoting its values and norms. Indeed, the organizational culture will motivate Accenture's employees to conform to the organization's work ethics and work towards attaining the set goals and promoting positive social norms. Notably, most of the organization's projects will succeed if the employees align well with the organizational culture because most activities will fit into the cultural norms of the company.

What the company should be considered in terms of future practices and policies

The future practices and policies of the organization should consider what exactly the type of culture that exists. This implies that future policies and practices should align the organizational culture with human resource strategies and eliminate any kind of culture that is not complimentary with Accenture's needs. For example, a diverse workplace should focus on effective communication by explaining reasoning to all stakeholders to convince them to buy in (Crews & Richard, 2013). Most importantly the organization should ensure that its managers and the human resources collaborate when there is a need to change or create a new organizational culture. By so doing, the organization will increase adaptability to the overall net income for employees.


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