Mass Media Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-25
Mass Media Essay Example
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Section A:Describe the phenomenological differences among each media experience.

The phenomenological differences that different media groups have experienced in the market are very many. Media such as radio, TV, and internet which include social media, professional media, and digital media have difference phenomenological experience. Radio as a traditional social media has the highest audience because most people can afford it as compared to television. It is followed by TV which can provide both audio and visual messages to the audience. Radio can only transmit information through audio while TV uses both audio and visual display of information. It is almost the same as the use of internet in social and digital media to convey information. The Internet is faster than all types of media. It allows transmission of data through a network in real time which TV and radio cannot.

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Section B:Explain the hypodermic effect of mass media. What are its consequences?

Mass media has the power to influence the behavior and culture of the people. It is because it can change the whole community directly and uniformly by feeding them with the information that triggers an expected response. The provision of such information in the mind of the people is likely to make them change their behavior and attitude towards a given phenomenon. The report expressed through the media is compelling because the audience is powerless to resist such information from getting into their minds.

Section C:

a).What was the Frankfurt School and explains their critical views of mass media.

According to the Frankfurt School media is essential for information sharing. It allows people living in different geographical areas to know what takes place in other parts of the World. Media also act as a medium through which the democracy of a country is strengthened.

b).Describe McLuhan's views of media's potential.

McLuhan views media as a medium through which information is transmitted from one place to the other. According to him, the medium of transmission is more important than the message itself (Paul, 1998). Medium is crucial because it is the tool that allows the audience to receive the message and therefore without medium through which message is delivered, vital information which not reach the target audience. It makes medium necessary that the word.

c).Compare McLuhan's views with the Frankfurt School.

McLuhan and Frankfurt School have different views. McLuhan has the assumption that medium of transmitting message is more important than the news while Frankfurt School views the message as a critical component of media. In his opinion, Frankfurt School holds the assumption that the information sent through mass media has more impact on the people than the medium used to convey the message.


Paul Grossweiler, The Method is the Message: Rethinking McLuhan through Critical Theory (Montreal: Black Rose, 1998), 155-81

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