Essay Example on Mark Twain's Contributions to World Literature

Published: 2022-02-21
Essay Example on Mark Twain's Contributions to World Literature
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Samuel Langhorne who has been otherwise referred to as Mark Twain is an American writer who took up his ability and intelligence in writing to a stunning point and has been remembered for his contributions to world literature. His life in literature writing was greatly influenced by his engagements and experience from other fields of work. In addition, the author has gathered the necessary amount of information and language information through the great practice of writing evident through the inspiring books and novels that he wrote. He was an entrepreneur, lecturer, humanist, and publisher for his several works written over time. Mark Twain was one of the best humorist America ever saw thus being referred to as American literature' s father. He was born with the rising of a comet, and his death followed the fall of the comet (Bird, John. 2016 141-144). Most of his stories as a journalist and as a writer were much inspired by the social happenings and his experiences thus explaining his journalistic values. The following discussion, therefore, is set to disclose contributions made by the author to the world literature.

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'Adventures of Huckleberry Finn' which is the novel by the author as well as 'Adventures of Tom Sawyer' are well renowned in the literature world to the present day (Kaplan, Justin. Mr Clemens and Mark Twain, 2008 113). The features of the above works, as well as the general style of writing by the writer, have greatly impacted the literature world evident by the number of authors he has inspired over the time and the style he used in the delivery of his works ("Mark Twain's Contributions"). In the American history of world literature, Mark was appreciated as the most humorous writer of the time. It was explained through the news stories he covered as a journalist and the literature publications he made in the course of his career. This style would later be incorporated in world literature to the extent of falling as a category (Twain, Mark, et al. 2015 43). The style not only presents the intended information to the reader but also incorporated humor which is more interesting to the reader.

Mark Twain introduced new concepts and ideas literature at the time apart from the humorous manner of book storytelling. Some of the ideologies presented by the writer have been incorporated in films and novels by other authors. His complex yet extensive use of language stands out in all his writing, and that style of writing attracted many to read his novels and articles (Help, and Twain). His life-inspired stories were written in a narrative manner which clicked the reality of storytelling in the reader's mind. This adaptation is incorporated in literature today. In his line of career, Twain has managed to work with other writers and publishers which equipped him with the necessary knowledge in world literature. In return, the author inspired several other authors over time as seen in their ways of writing. Henry Huttleston Rogers and Tom Fitch among the people he closely associated with in his career as a writer (Michelson, Bruce. 2017 141-144). His critical works have attracted attention to the present times directly as seen in the ban of his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in schools as a result of using a word like 'nigger' as used during the time of war.

The above discussion highlights the different ways in which Mark Twain influences world literature both directly. According to the discussion, the writer did so through the incorporation of new styles of writing and literature inspiration of other writers both in his time and after his demise. The influence of his works has been present in the present times especially in schools which refer to his books for research purposes.

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