Admission Essay Example: Why I Chose Medicine

Published: 2022-06-24
Admission Essay Example: Why I Chose Medicine
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Unlike many people who only discover and decide on their career paths while in high school or college, I knew I wanted to pursue medicine from a very young age of nine years. I recall the how I was fascinated by human anatomy when I received a body atlas as a birthday present. I was amazed by the complexity and intricacy of the human body, and since then, deep down, I knew I would strive to pursue a career in medicine. In high school, at a time when many peers were holidaying, I would volunteer at the New York Presbyterian/Queens Hospital. The volunteer program not only helped to develop more interest in medicine but also ignited a new passion for helping patients and their families feel better. I was fascinated by how doctors and nurses played a critical role in not only assisting patients to get well but also in how they were an array of hope for many people who came to the facility for treatment.

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During my volunteering experience, I gained important insights while working and interacting with patients and physicians. Indeed, I believe medical staff acted as not only health care practitioners but also counselors to some of the patients who had lost hope or given up on their lives. For instance, I recall the many times that patients thanked other practitioners or me for helping them overcome difficulties from their sickness. I discovered that the patient-practitioner relationship could sometimes be very deep, with practitioners highly concerned about the wellbeing of the patient. I remember how I could sleep with my patients in mind, hoping that the next day would be better for them. The experience would arise deep emotions of love, sympathy, and the desire for their wellbeing. I could also see how diagnosing, understanding the illness of a patient, and successful treatment brought joy and satisfaction to physicians. From such experiences, I knew no other career would elicit such emotions in me, and hence the decision and passion for pursuing medicine.

Since my first volunteering experience in high school, I have been proactive in undertaking activities that will offer me the best opportunity to pursue a career in medicine. For example, I am a volunteer at an organization known as "Connections in Biology" where I plan experiments and research plans, and perform certain experiments to foster student's interest in the field of science. Additionally, I am a volunteer at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where I help physicians and patients with small requests, answer patient's call bells, welcome and direct family members to their patient's bedside, and stock up gloves in patients' rooms. Furthermore, I have worked as an intern at Polytechnic Institute of New York University where I actively participated in cancer research funded by the Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition. I also interned at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research where I worked on a project whose aim was to find out the role of microRNA 193a within high glucose-induced apoptosis within podocytes. The above activities have been deliberate as I strive to gain more skills and understanding of the field as I prepare for a career in medicine.

The experiences of volunteering and internships have played a critical role in improving my interpersonal and communication skills, which are essential in the medical field. I believe that it is more important for a physician to understand the patient than it is for the patient to understand the physician. Consequently, since patients trust physicians, it is critical to ensure that all medical decisions are made from a position of accurate information and diagnosis of patients' situations. Thus, the ability to communicate and understand the needs of patients is critical for physicians to deliver appropriate care. In my experience, I interacted with many patients, their families, and physicians and this exposure enabled me to develop communication skills and competencies essential for the career.

Sickness is a difficult time for patients and their families. Many times, the patient and families are stressed. Therefore, I believe that patience, honesty, and trustworthiness are important skills for physicians or any other medical staff should have to promote confidence in the affected. Working with patients as a volunteer exposed me to many situations where patients were losing hope and confidence in the treatment. Further, some would ask same questions repeatedly. All these situations require patience to ensure that a physician remains an array of hope for the clients. Additionally, honesty and trustworthiness are essential to enable clients to have confidence in the treatment regimen. I believe that with the above skills, experience, and motivation I have for a medical career, I am prepared for the challenges not only in the learning process but also in practice. I am always committed to my studies as evident from a 3.8/4.0 GPA for my Biological Sciences diploma from the College of Arts and Sciences, Philadelphia. I believe that an opportunity to for a medicine course will be a major step towards not only pursuing my preferred career but also putting my skills into good and effective use to help patients and promote the health of the society.

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