Manifesto of David Beckham, Free Paper for Students

Published: 2022-05-24
Manifesto of David Beckham, Free Paper for Students
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As a soccer player and also a businessman I have traveled to various parts of the world which are famous to the majority of people. Some of these places are the once mostly attended by families for vacations. Today am motivating the youths, and also everybody watching at me via TV or Internet, let us commit our self to eradicate poverty which is striking young people, starvation, and violence to make the whole world a better place for everybody to enjoy.

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Today am sharing my story because I gained interest in my profession when I started working with UNICEF back in 2005. I had focused on development in the sector of sports which later grew into charitable courses for humanitarian aid. Immediately, the focus on vulnerable children within the world became almost an obsession. As some of you are aware or even have heard that I am famous due to the tattoos on my body. Every tattoo represents a particular memory in my lifetime. On top of this, being a member of UNICEF in 2005, I realized that majority of children in the world had scars due to violence. As I compared my tattoos with their scars, I had to show an interest to help them. In fact, I was not pleased with their scars since mine represents memories of happiness.

Over the previous 12 years, I have been supporting UNICEF in their efforts to make this world a better one for vulnerable children. My efforts include supporting UNICEF's UK appeal for East African food crisis and UNICEF campaign to offer emergency supplies to children of Thailand Tsunami in 2005. It was these early events with UNICEF that assisted in fueling and developing a passion for charity in the year. The same period I became an ambassador to UNICEF. Since then, I have traveled severally to disaster zones in Africa, Asia. The Philippines and Cambodia.My most memorable trip was to Sierra Leone in West Africa back in 2007. While on this trip, I came to realize that thousands of children were dying annually due to unavoidable circumstances. Every one out of four children was dying before they attain the age of 5. It is so painful to watch them live in such a condition. It has been a very shocking tragedy since such young kids are dying of a disease which is treatable. I want to draw attention to all my audiences wherever they are. UNICEF's priority is to eliminate these deaths through vaccinations against measles and also prevent malaria by issuing mosquito nets to prevent these deaths.

After the Philippines got rocked by a devastating natural disaster, it was terrible. They had terrible grief, and the pain was very overwhelming but smiling to the children and helping them was very important to me. After sharing my experiences in the Philippines with my family, my son Brooklyn wanted them to join us on my other trips.

$ 185,000 was raised in one day for tickets to attend the world cup and I used the cash to donate to the children's charity in Paris and from the salary that I made with Paris Saint-Germain, $ 101 went to girls scout who sells cookies. I hope that my contribution has helped various parts of the word. Am requesting every one listening to me to find a way of helping the disadvantaged in their community and improving the quality of life.

My profession and talent have enabled me visit different countries which not everyone can manage. It does not require you to visit various countries to make a difference; you can help with the little resources you have. If we can get ten thousand individuals willing to raise $ 5, that amounts to $ 50,000, and this can help the disadvantaged societies. There are so many deserving communities either local or worldwide which are in need of your help.

Today is a very crucial moment that everyone has to understand and realize that, our children can make a difference to the individuals who are suffering and its only through commitment to charity work. I hope that you will join me in.

Endnote to Manifesto of David Beckham.

The content of this Manifesto was triggered by a book that I read The life and career of David Beckham by Tracy Savell Reavis which was a brief glimpse into the beginning of David Beckham's Philanthropic journey. I also got information from an Article written by Anjelica Oswald "The incredibly Successful life of David Beckham, the 2nd - Highest- paid Athlete" in Business Insider, and in an article in GQ Magazine by Michael Paterniti, entitled "David Beckham on Retirement, Family Life and Protecting His Kids." I found in-depth information on in an article by Monique Jessen in People Magazine entitled "David Beckham Gets his Kids involved in Latest Charity project and on the UNICEF website, (https/ 40608.html) which provided me with information on David's role as Ambassador.

The role of a Philanthropist is a role that shows David Beckham as not only a "national hero" for his athletic success but also as a person who uses his name and face recognition to benefit children who are lacking the advantages his children have.

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