Free Essay on Locus Control and Anger

Published: 2023-04-20
Free Essay on Locus Control and Anger
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Human beings are the most emotional creatures, and these emotions drive their day to day interactions and decisions (Izard, 2013, p1). Our minds are wired to express what we feel about different situations that we come across. Depending on various contexts, our emotions can either be in control or out of control. Anger is one of the feelings that a large number of the population are unable to control even with emotional maturity.

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My anger test score was 43%, and being on the lower end, I believe, is a good instance. To some extent, I have my anger level at a manageable state. I express my anger in different ways depending on the situation. If, for example, I buy an appliance and it is broken, I would immediately throw it into the dustbin without thinking while uttering some curse words. If I was talking to someone and he doesn't respond, I would be quite for a while or walk away from the person.

Anger management is not easy, more so for people with anger issues. There are various methods advocated for by different people all over the world. I always ensure to do breathing exercises when I feel overwhelmed with anger. This method is where one takes deep breaths and hold in the air for a few seconds before releasing it. Our hearts beat at a rapid rate when we are faced with emotions like anger. The deep breaths help in lowering the heart rate and, in turn, reducing the irritation. This is a simple technique that can be applied anywhere with minimal effort.

Another method that I use is taking long walks until my anger cools down. Taking a walk takes your mind off the issue or person that made you angry. This method is useful since it takes one out of the environment that initiated the anger. These long walks also help to reduce the heart rate. These long walks help with self-reflection, thus bringing clarity of thought and judgment on decisions to make. This method is not effective in instances of bad weather or late in the night.

Another popular method advocated for is meditation. Meditation originated from India around 1500 BCE (Team, 2020). Meditation focuses on the breath going in and out and building the muscles of mindfulness and attention. It is closely related to breathing exercises. In this state, your mind wanders off from the problem and focuses on breathing. This method is familiar to people all over the world, especially those practicing martial arts and yoga. It is deemed as the best remedy even by doctors.

People have different beliefs about what is the driving force of things in life. Some believe in destiny, while others believe that their choices determine what happens. Locus control examines people's belief in what they believe is in control of what happens. People with internal locus control believe they are in authority; hence their methodology and perspective might change. The others with external locus control believe that something else is in control; thus, they rarely change their behavior.

My locus control score was four, which is on the lower end. I have an internal locus control, and I believe that I have the ultimate power of what will happen. This mentality has helped me cross some impossible bridges in life. It gives me the freedom to try out new things and techniques in animation. In academics, for example, I always have the belief that nothing is complicated for me to do. This mindset has made me maintain my grades at a reasonable level. I can tackle tasks without fear. My personal life has also improved due to this. I can venture into new ideas and innovations without fear, knowing that I am in control of things. I have been able to enjoy life without the worry about anything.

  • Internal locus control is advantageous in several ways. A person with an internal locus of control is more likely to try and improve their situation. They are more likely to venture into new things. These people can observe and implement factors that are likely to improve their situation. The people are less likely to be victims of circumstance.
  • Internal LOC has its disadvantages. There are some situations that no matter what you do, they are bound to happen; they are out of control. Internal LOC may, at times, be interpreted by others as arrogance.
  • External LOC individuals are the best team players. They also have a higher probability of letting go of stressful situations.
  • External LOC individuals attach their success to luck. These individuals tend to be powerless and hopeless. They give up on issues fast when obstacles are available. They always blame external factors for things happening in their lives.

I have been in a relationship for several months now. I believe that the decisions that I make in my day to day basis will determine how the bond goes. The choices I make will either break the rapport or make it move forward. This example is an instance of internal locus control. There was once when I was in the hospital for a while. My health was not getting any better, and I felt like giving up. It got to the point that I left everything to happen as it was doomed to transpire.


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