Communication Perception Essay Sample

Published: 2022-11-22
Communication Perception Essay Sample
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Communication is an important part of social life. Communication is not utterly about talking and listening, rather, it is about comprehension and passing of point between the one talking and the one listening. Communication, therefore, is more about the passing of a message from the speaker to the recipient and being able to comprehend and make a judgment about the information. There are, however, many barriers to effective communication that inhibits the proper communication process between people or a team. The barriers to effective communication are vast, ranging from the language barrier, audibility and perception process.

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The perception process in communication can be grouped into four discrete and elaborate parts. These parts include a selection of information, an organization of the information received, interpretation and negotiation. The perception process is also affected by a number of factors that inhibit flawless communication including culture and past experience. These are some of the social factors as well as biological perception. In the case of the young mother having a conversation with her husband while also holding the baby and having a lot of issues running on the background is a case example of how much perception affects the communications process.

Distortion of information affects the process of communication. For instance, the lady was unable to select the particular information that she sought to focus on. She was engaged in a number of issues at the same time of communication. She could not focus wholly either on her husband or just give attention to her child on the background. It is important to select the communication that one wants to engage in per time, other than running with a collection of matters at the same time. the lady was thinking about her classes tomorrow, at the same time she was moved by the cries of her baby, which was more biological to her since the six-month child still breastfeeds; the baby's cry could have triggered the mild in her body to ache in a way.

The biological aspects of life can also hamper the process of communication. The baby's cries in the middle of the conversation that the lady is having with her husband have definitely tampered with her concentration and the ability to effectively organize the information that she was given to fruitful understanding. In the same light, her personal needs seem to have utterly disported the full extent of information interpretation as well as the comprehension of what was coming from her boyfriend. And when the man asks her what she had decided about their talk, the lady is not even aware of what she was being asked about since her mind shifts quickly o the social weather condition and how that is going to affect her movement to school the following day.

The perception process is elaborate in the entire course of communication. The lady was totally unable to interpret what the husband was talking about. Thus, her mind was engaged in a number of activities. Her mental stability was not accurate as well as being troubled over a number of pending issues such as the quantity of formula and pampers that she had left in the house. In this case, therefore, when the question was popped to her for feedback on her decision, she was unable to reply. She did not even notice that the guy was unhappy with her lack of attention during their conversation process. In this discussion, therefore, there was utterly no negotiation and as such no negotiation process according to the perception of communication.

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