Managing Quality and Risk in Nursing, Essay Sample for Everyone

Published: 2022-10-20
Managing Quality and Risk in Nursing, Essay Sample for Everyone
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The quality and costs of the healthcare service should be controlled in a way that they do not affect the success of the organization. The costs of healthcare are usually high and if they are not controlled, it is possible that they will continue increasing as a result of inflation (Yoder, 2014). In the same context, managing an improved communication project in nursing may require extensive and effective methods to achieve the goals of the project. Effective communication is necessary for the success of the nursing activities and especially in the intensive care unit because it creates more trust between the nurses, the family and the patients (Adams, Mannix & Harrington, 2017). The intended project is to increase the communication skills in the nurses and to reduce the impacts of poor communication in healthcare centers.

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The Plan of the Project


The resource available for the use in the project is divided into human resources, industrial collateral, time, the budget and the space required. The human resources required include nurses, the management and supervisors and also the support staff. The human resources will help to set the required communication equipment that includes the computer systems, email systems and to increase the way the nurses communicate to the patients about their conditions and to the family about the patients. The support staff will help to guide the family members and patients in a way that they can access the information they need. The budget for the plan is $500, 000 and it is inclusive of the wages and salaries, the equipment, the implementation of the pilot test of the communication systems and the training costs for the staff members. The industry collateral required for the project include the equipment and assets owned by the health center. The project is intended to take a maximum of three months, during which a selected number of patients in the inpatient, intensive care unit and emergency departments will be used to determine the effectiveness of the proposed communication strategies that include use of emails among the staff members and use of notice boards and verbal messages with the patients and families. The space to be used is the one in the three departments selected.

Employee Engagement

The employees will be included in the planning and implementation of the project. According to Hardy, Nevin-Woods, Proud and Brownson (2015), the use of evidence-based decision-making in healthcare helps to increase the efficiency of the nursing services. Therefore, the employees will be engaged to increase their reliance on evidence-based methods to make decisions. The employee engagement will be achieved through the allocation of roles to the employees to make the part of the project

Change Management Principles

The changes intended in the organization will affect the way nurses communicate with the other stakeholders. For this reason, the change management principles to be used include creating ownership, considering the human aspect of the intended changes, communicating the intended changes, leading with the culture of the organization, involving the top management and involving all layers of the employees.

Team Dynamics

The team dynamics will be improved by ensuring that I know all issues about my team, tacking issue fast and offering valid and flexible solutions and also by breaking down the barriers that affect the project to make it easy to analyze and solve them. Adequate attention will also be given to the issues that affect the team and good communication will be used to make sure the team is strong. In conclusion, the project to improve communication will be implemented by the use of the above plans.


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