Management at Garnier Company - Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-14
Management at Garnier Company - Essay Example
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Positioning is the ability of a business organisation to control customer perception concerning its brand or a product as compared to its competitors (Wheeler 2009). The purpose of positioning is to improve the product image in a manner that allows customers to perceive it in a given way. The company must ensure that its products are unique in terms of quality, taste and even quantity. The company has to produce superior products at a fair price. It is necessary to represent this kind of information in the mind of customers (Bhasin 2017). When communicating this information, it is essential for marketers to demonstrate the similarities of its products with the products of its competitors and finally explains what makes its products superior. The company produces perfect substitute of products its competitors produce although they have different brand names. The company offers its products for sale at a slightly lower price (Janiszewska & Insch, 2012). The company also produces high quality products that meet the needs of the customers.

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Campaign Target Audience

Garnier company has a range of target audience. It seeks to communicate to a variety of customers ranging from children to elderly persons. The target audience for the campaign is specifically youths and women of all economic classes. They demand products that can increase their beauty. Youths and women are the majority of the population, and therefore they can provide a ready market for the products of this company. Also, they spend more of their income on beauty products than essential goods.

Campaign Budget

The company require an estimate of $1.5million to conduct its marketing campaign effectively. This will allow it to create brand and product awareness through social media, event marketing, digital marketing and Ad decals. The company will also use local media such as radio, television and sale promotion. Social media alone would require a budget of $60000 for more than six months. $30000 will be used for print media while $50000 will be used for broadcasting the brand and the product in local media such as TV and radio. The print media that the company expects to use include daily newspapers, magazines, billboards and town billboards. The rest of the balance will be used to convene various events such as football tournaments in different parts of the country.

Communication Mix Budget $100000
Television $65000
Radio $80000
Magazine $120000
Newspaper $250000
Billboards and transit $70000
Town billboards $50000
Social media $60000
Event $705000
Grand Total $1500000

Brand Personality/ Character

Garnier has a brand personality that attracts its customers. Its brand is associated with attractiveness, soft and caring, stylish, smart and trendy, pure and natural and upbeat and very urban. There are key features of the products it produces. The products of this company have fruit concentrates as its essential ingredients making them be very pure and natural products. These brand personalities are aimed at attracting customers and making the company brand look superior to other companies (Janiszewska & Insch 2012). The company name Garnier skin natural is awarded because the company uses natural ingredients to make its products. At the same time, the products such as shampoo are produced or supplied in a lovely green coloured bottle showing that its brand is very pure and natural. The company also package its products in attractive packets and containers to impress its customers or target audience.


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