Maintaining your relationship

Published: 2019-09-25 07:00:00
Maintaining your relationship
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There are many strategies through which individuals can embrace to ensure good relationships are maintained. They involve efforts from both ends especially in romantic relationships. Communication is the backbone of any relationship, in that without presence of clear communication the bond shared can crumble. Commitment is a requirement in any relationship ranging from family, workplace, and friendships as well as with romantic partners.

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When dealing with a romantic partner in a relationship so many aspects are put into perspective to make them feel appreciated and valued more than other people in one's life. Open communication tends to form and reinforce commitments in such relationships. This can be done through small talk and comments not forgetting actions that accompany these words. For example "l will always be here for you no matter what" this can be accompanied by acts such as showing up for their performance at the theatre despite having a very tight schedule at work or school.

Loyalty and trust is forged in my relationship through frequent show of affection, support and respect. We also create an atmosphere to make us have a positive relationship through working out our problems amicably together. On another front I also tend to get to understand myself better in order to improve the relationship. I tend to self-reflect on my needs in order to have a healthy and mature relationship with my partner.

Just like all the other aspects in life, relationships depend on maintenance for them to grow and run smoothly and satisfy all the involved parties. This ranges from the spiritual, emotional, physical needs of individuals. This can be achieved through positively embracing everyday life by reducing criticism and if need be then politeness be used, being open about one's needs through self-disclosure helps air personal opinions and perspectives and needs.

Assurances go along way be it actions or talk, this gives a plat form for one to show that the partner matters most. Being interested in those who matter most in the partner's life shows how much one is interested in them, this improves the social networks. Helping out with household chores go a long way in helping us bond more as partners this also extends to life's obligations.

On my part l do take responsibility in cases of rising problems between us, this prevents us from escalating the problem at hand. This shows am willing to compromise and put the relationship first before self-interest. For example one time we argued about communication, late response to social media messages some of which could have been urgent. I took responsibility because I was on the wrong at the time, this showed maturity on my side as this could have made us angry should have continued throwing blames. Such situations helped me develop self-awareness on my part, in relation to the relationship. This made me realize ways that could harm us, how to prevent collusion and disagreements and as a result I have become empowered more on the ways to improve on our intimate relationship.

Maintaining good relationships with others involves a lot of effort that is vital for the survival of such relations. Interpersonal communication both verbal and non-verbal is essential, it helps both parties become closer. Most times people tend to get discouraged in relationships because of unrealistic expectations from others, not empathizing if they were in the same situations. On my part I look at a situation and my set expectations of my partner for example I would like them to be understanding, to create time for us to bond more as well as love me unconditionally but the same is reciprocated by me to show my commitment in the relationship.

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