Free essay on main management and leadership issues

Published: 2022-10-27
Free essay on main management and leadership issues
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Management is something which has both drawbacks and rewards. Managers are in the office in order to influence the members and formulate a new change (Jones & George, 2011). One of the major issues is pointing out one of the employees, in which the leader is not thinking out of how others will react. From the research, George is advantaging Amelia, as they are friends, in which Bushra thinks is discriminating. Amelia is preferred by Gorge in which can undermine Brushra motive and morale and making her so unproductive. Issues as this may lead the organization to fail, the other person may feel neglected and the thought of him or her supposed to be preferred and not the other employee. Being too friendly in management with the staffs is an issue when it comes to management and leadership. Therefore this can make their project, more so their work being unproductive as Amelia may take their friendship with Georgie as an advantage and even go away with a lot of mistakes.

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The other issue the nursery leadership is affected wit is when Ivy thinks she is doing something right, in which she does on her way without consulting. However, employer Amelia complains that Ivy does not know what she is doing. The issue of new manager contributing with new ideas is outstanding in which makes them showcase their past performances. When these new managers storm into a new organisation and find them doing what he or she had done previously, will automatically realise they know how to do it, and it is simple. The new manager, Ivy has started implementing of 30 pilot project, in which most of the employees are against it, however, the employees are scared of her, in which may make them engage in something they dislike. However, Faiza is supporting the project, in which may bring a conflict among the employees. Still, manager Ivy is implementing the new order, in which she complains of the previous establishment as being outdated. She is treating the new environment as her previous working place, in which may make the workers more demoralised.

The nursery also hurried their recruitment, which followed after termination of four former employees. The nursery was affected by large workload brought by the dismissal of four employers which left the remaining workers to compensate and even led to some children left unchecked. However, with the hurry recruitment of the two new members, led to some problems, in which they were not qualified. The unqualified members will have the likelihood of being unproductive, and even ineffective, hence being a disaster.

Issues relating to communication and styles of leadership, including the theoretical significance of identified issues.

The main aim or any organisation is having people together who are united to achieve a coon objective and goals. Therefore for the effective running of an organisation, therefore, is the need of the best leadership styles sand bet communication through the staffs which will help in completing the goals attempt.

Ivy is showcasing an autocratic leadership style, however, the nursery is seen to have experienced workers. She is the one who is doing all the decisions, and not regarding any subordinate in having a democratic say on the decisions. However, Ivy instead of being liberal she is still employing directorate dictatorship, she is the one who is doing most of the work, coming up with decisions and overseeing them. However, on the other hand, George is not supportive of the new member who is need of the autocratic leadership, Daniel is in need of training but George tells her to learn by herself.

Leadership entails influencing many popes in order to be motivated in the completion of the same goals or objectives. The two leads are not incoherent with their staff members. Bushra says no one understands the project, hence the lack of vision. The two leaders Hope and Ivy, have not shown their staff a path to follow. Ivy thinks changing to new ways will make a progress but instead, it has created more confusion to the members, which shows an ineffective leadership style. Ivy, Hope, and George lack new ideas which can motivate their subordinates. The organization has not shown any significant growth, instead, it brought chaos within the members of staff. Hope as a leader is a disgrace, she is not adapting to the new change, 30 pilot project. In which she thinks she is not competent with. Still, Ivy is not letting for creativity, she is not listening to her lower staff, on which may bring new ideas and make the nursery more productive rather than stagnation or lagging behind.

The nursery lack effective communications, the leaders and the employees lack good communication skills. The two leaders set a bad example of communication when they argue in front of the children. Hope admits of them not to have communicated to the Local Authority. The staff needs motivations, they also need how to work as a team, which will improve their productivity. The nursery is filtering the communications, in which the Local Authority are still lagging behind of the project development. The nursery also shows defensiveness communication among its leader, Ivy, who is hard to talk to or listen to other people. This mechanism will tend to bring ineffectiveness in communication lagging behind their project.

Issues relating to clarity of setting aims and staff understanding of these, including the theoretical significance of identified issues.

Every company works toward achieving certain goals or objectives. Therefore, it essential to have a strategic management, which will showcase how objective and aims will be formulated, implemented and even evaluated. The company aims will be the foundation of developing required plans, in which resources will be identified and planed, to achieving their goals, then at the end, the management will evaluate if they have achieved what they aimed.

First, the nursery lacks proper strategic management. The employees complain of not knowing about the project, Hope even say she know little about EFYS. The leader is ignorant and defensive, which shows lack of good objective to the purpose or the project. George still tell Daniel she does not need any training she can tackle the chores at it is. Clara although experienced, do not adopt most of the changes, she thinks these projects will just come and go, it is a normal thing. Strategic learning as aforementioned, makes the school run smoothly and end up doing right things. The strategic planning is lacking in this context, the workers are not aware of what is need to be changed. However, the school was able to be accountable for their plans, by giving Faiza position in posting poster about ethics, no one followed them, she was even told, by Hope to just do her work and leave. Clara thinks these plans are just for formal use, and not for changing the school system for the better. The school is also seen to have never evaluated its SWOT analysis, the older workers are still lagging behind with saying the rules just come and go, which is a weakness.

Furthermore, the school does not encourage training and devolvement of its workers. George refusing to train Daniel is an example. Without new skills or knowledge, the school will not adopt new changes, or be able to perform better in the future. However, the leaders are against this advocate, in which they dismiss members who are well experienced and well paid. However, employing a new member is not wrong, but the new one lack training and they will never be productive as their status is still low. Bust still, Hope it is acting like a new employee, in which she has no experience on the new project hence the need of training and education.

Hope never monitors any problems arising, still, the employees do not know their specific chores. Still, there are no written down goals, which will motivate and help those involved in attaining these goals. The workers here are confused in which they do not have specific aims, hence may lead to different outcome afterwards. The member and their leader lack self-esteem and confidence, in which is a result of lack of aim setting and planning.

Issues relating to perceptions of the organizational culture and environment, including the theoretical significance of identified issues.

The culture in this context is not very good, which have showcased the outcome of the inefficient performance. He perceived the culture of the nursery as depicted by Clara, the older member, is poor, she believes that changes are formal but are not to be taken seriously. The school is guided by this culture, which also makes the mange Hope for not having any interest in understanding the new project. The behaviour among the workers is not prospering rather than demotivating. Culture is the employees' assumption, which has occurred occasionally, in which the workers believe in, and a new member will henceforth adapt it for the positive integration of employees and its prosperity.

The culture in this nursery is poor, the founder and even one of its oldest member think of changes as being absurd. Rules which are made but not to be followed as they will diminish with time, and continue onwards with the normal childcare. Even in being employed and referring Clara and Bushra as old-fashioned, she still adapted the school culture, in which she is either just to make money, and she is not that into the new project. No one in the school is aware of any changes being implemented, they are doing their normal jobs, however, they complain when they fall short on staff to children ratio.

The working environment in this context is also poor, however, Ivy has been transferred she does not offer any knowledge to her new working environment. Still, Daniel, the new employee is not trained and is let to learn by herself. George does not share her skills with the new employee which makes their productivity poor and underperforming. Hope lack diversity, as she has never worked at any different working environment, hence the need for Ivy who is more experienced.

The nursery also lacks gender diversity which may be leading, to poor communication and Amelia accusing of Cara and Bushra for gossiping, which showcased a natural women environment. The nursery staff is built up of women only. The workers are working in an environment which is not motivated, the lack of peer support (Friedman, 2004). Gorge reuses to train Daniel showcasing poor trainee characteristics.

Ivy is scared by everyone, and he is the only one who seems to understand the project, however, she is lacking peer support and openness, in which will help her team in understanding and achieving the project aims.

Issues relating to how change is led and managed in the setting, including the theoretical significance of identified issues.

The Local Authority is advocating for change, but the Nursery in the context is not responding. Every organisation need to change, change is always inevitable. The nursery lack empowerment by its leaders. George is not ready to train Daniel; hence Daniel will remain inexperienced to tackle any change within the school. The nursery still is never prepped for any change, as their culture believes in changes come and go. The behaviour showed by Amelia, having no clue of the new change, and still, her boss who is supposed to implement the change complain of not being competent.

Furthermore, Ivy is seemed to be the only one who understands the changes, but she is not empowering her subordinate to understand the change. However, the nursery has given specific chores to different people no one is seen empowering.

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