Literary Analysis Essay on "The Hard Times" by Charles Dickens

Published: 2023-05-14
Literary Analysis Essay on "The Hard Times" by Charles Dickens
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Dickens, the author of "Hard Times" novel, utilizes different stylistic devices to succeed in his work. He created most of the charters, calling them memorable names. The names positively contribute to the flow of the story and make it fun.

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Dickens chose to use unusual fun and unique names in the story (Dickens, Charles, p12)., most of these characters are given names to reflect their heroic performance and charter traits. some of my favourite names include

Bitzer - it means a person who is emotional and fixed to personal opinions. It represents a person who is sentimental and hospitable. In the novel, Bitzer is a character with compassion, love and humility.

Stephen Blackpool - the author, uses Stephen to represent hardworking person, and honest, he becomes the first object in the labour cause. The name is linked to the biblical story of Stephen- first martyr who was stoned to death by his people.

Bounderby - it refers to a person who acts up and dishonourable, from the novel, Bounderby refers to himself as self-made human.



In the novel, Mrs Sparsit realizes that Harthouse and Louisa are spending most of their time together and before she thinks that Louisa following along a staircase(Dickens, Charles, 19). The symbol, therefore, has been used to depict Mrs Sparsit's belief that the relationship between the two will elope and eventually ruin Louisa's life.


In chapter three of the novel, Louisa is introduced, and the author explains about the inner light that she posses and does not anything. The symbol represents her emotional state; she appears coldly by deep inside her is fire with imaginative propensities which eventually begins to burn and destroys her life.

Smoke Serpents

Smoke serpents in the novel refer to the actual smoke that has covered the sky as a result of industrialization. However, it has been used as a symbol to represent immorality and lack of environmental concerns of the firm owners, including Bounderby.


The Mechanization of People

As a result of indoctrination and development of several factories in England, there is a rise in demand for labour forcing employers to turn workers into machines(Dickens, Charles, 22). Throughout the novel, the author addresses this theme and describes the impacts of allowing humans to work like machines.

Role of Women

Dickens identifies the importance of women in the society through the novel, and women represent feminine qualities in the community such as moral purity, emotional sensitivity and compassion in "Hard Times". Stephen, for instance, feels uncomfortable after working in the factory and Rachel inspires and give him hope to continue.

Tone of Narrative

The tone of the story changes drastically across the novel, however, in most cases, the author maintains mocking, ironic and satiric tone primarily when he is referring to the factory owner Bounderby, Mrs Sparsit and Harthouse.

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