Lessons from the Article - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-10
Lessons from the Article - Free Essay Example
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Considerably, I have learned from this article that a pandemic like the coronavirus has a remarkable impact on economic well-being. The mid-coronavirus has made many companies and businesses to close, and this has affected the economy of many nations. Thus, I have noted that I was wrong from the onset since I thought that a pandemic like coronavirus had only a significant impact on the health sector, and not on the economic well-being of a nation. However, this article has proved me wrong since both the health and economic well-being of a country are imperatively inseparable. It is because the coronavirus has heated many countries immensely stopped trade and even caused many business ventures to close, therefore, affecting the economy negatively.

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Greatest Challenge

The major challenge that I faced in writing this paper was on the recommendations regarding the Sustainable Development Goals for income poverty and growth and balancing these with the economic aspect in line with this pandemic. I faced a challenge in coming up with a recommendation on whether the government should first look for a cure or rescue the falling economy. However, I concluded that a good health system is the number one priority for the well-being of the country. I even noted that the success of a country in terms of the economy is majorly based on the excellent health care system for the citizens. Thus, the government should embark on looking for a virus cure while at the same time strategizing on how to boost its economy.

Strongest and Weakest Elements

The strongest element in this paper was the approach and strategy that the government should use in reviving its economy that is presently at falling. In this paper, I established that many people had been rendered jobless because of the coronavirus. It is because the World Health Organization has issued a directive on the social distance aspect as a critical notch approach in curbing these various. It is due to this fact that many companies have lay-off many workers to reduce human traffic at the workplace. Also, the issue of lockdown in the United States of America and the United Kingdom have seen such countries facing its citizens to close their businesses. Thus, the most influential element in this article is argued on the approach of reviving the economy of many countries that have been affected dramatically with this amid pandemic. Thus, the recommendation on the government to work on policies that give relief to the people in the business sector more so on the bank loans and redirecting focus to social equity are the most potent elements that I have identified in this article. The weakest element in this analysis has been on the prediction that the economist had on the GDP of the various countries. Averagely, the analysts had predicted that there was going to be a growth in the GPD with at least 5%. However, this is proving to be a nightmare for many countries as the helm and peak of the coronavirus is challenging to ascertain.in essence, many countries are unaware of the time that the cure for the pandemic will be discovered. Also, many countries are trying to work on the time to resume its normal business operations, but this is proving to be difficult because this virus is unpredictable. In this case, it hard for economic analysts to predict the GDP and precise steps that the government should take in reviving the economy.

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