Learning to Listen: How a Mission Statement Helps Me Emotionally - Paper Example

Published: 2023-08-26
Learning to Listen: How a Mission Statement Helps Me Emotionally - Paper Example
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One way the mission assists in the self-image is that it enables me to listen to myself. Self-expression is the ability to demonstrate and communicate the feelings of a person (Vassiliadis, 2013). Self-expression is also an essential factor when someone embarks on a journey to listen to themselves and how they react to various situations. The mission statement is beneficial to my emotions. As known, emotions can be hard and challenging, and it’s solved best when the individual learns how to listen, honor, and learn about their feelings (Vassiliadis, 2013). Many people are unable to express their emotions because they lack the experience of what they turn into when they are emotionally disturbed. Therefore the mission statement helps a person get closer to their feelings to understand who they are (Vassiliadis, 2013). The closer someone feels to their authentic self, the less depressed and anxious they get.

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Expressing My Philosophies and Values

The mission statement aligns with my core values and career to produce satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment and happiness because misalignments in a person's life that can divert minor problems to significant ones. The mission statement also intrinsic the values related to career intangibles. For instance, since my mission statement focuses more on assisting people, it means that the inherent values are given back to the society through my creativity.

Identifies My Offer

The mission statement is clear and direct to the point. Everyone loves themselves, but some value other people more. In life, it is essential to give a hand to someone who needs help and direction. When a person believes in their mission statement, they can focus and complete their mission. When a person focuses on other people, it means that they are sacrificing their time for other people and can only doing what they like once they have accomplished the mission of others.

How the Mission Statement Answers the Following Questions

Economic Goals

Regardless of the stage of life, everyone has long and short personal financial goals. Under the mission statement (which says to engage, equip, and encourage others to believe in the possibilities), I have done the same thing, which is why I can inspire others (Lopes, 2016). The mission statement will also determine the mid-term, short-term, and long-term personal financial goals because it will figure out the amount needed for each term. Under the same mission statement, each financial goal is prioritized as essential, and this will determine how long an individual should save money for each stage.

Philosophy In Terms Of Quality and Image

Under the mission statement, my philosophy in terms of image and quality is that my time is limited, and I don’t have time to waste living the life of another person (Mullane, 2012). I will also avoid being trapped by dogma by living the experience other people think. To safeguard my image, I will not allow the opinion of others to drown my inner voice. Lastly, I will always follow my intuition and heart. It is vital if someone follows their philosophy if they want to pursue their dreams.

Core Competencies and Competitive Advantages

The mission statement carefully articulates the competitive advantages and core competencies (Mullane, 2012). As known, the competitive advantage is something a competing firm relies on to fulfill their wish. While the core competence happens to be the distinct proficiency of the company, it is not limited by the rivals. As stated in my mission statement, I value people a lot. This statement covers the two concepts. The report will also help us occupy the market share, build brand loyalty, satisfy customers, and deliver quality goods and services to customers.

The Customers That Are Served Best

Under the guidance of the mission statement, all customers are served the same because they are valuable people. In any business, it is wrong to choose who to serve and who not to help. It is illegal to gauge the customer based on their value because they are the same people who will bring more customers (Lopes, 2016). Therefore, all customers are valuable, and they should be treated and served with value and respect.

My Responsibilities to People That Rely On Me

It is always important to realize that it's a sign of maturity and wisdom when people rely on you. This is where a person should recognize the decision made because they can determine if someone will get a consequence or a reward (Mullane, 2012). Everyone is responsible for their life, and success comes from the choices made. In short, with the mission statement, I am careful how I treat people that rely on me. Most of the time, I am very positive to people that depend on me to avoid creating enemies or even ruin my status.


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